UConn offers resources for the upcoming flu season


If you’re battling the flu, perhaps the UConn Infirmary can help. (File Photo/The Daily Campus)

With cold and flu season on the horizon, the University of Connecticut provides flu prevention kits which contain many hygienic tools such as hand sanitizer, tissues and a reusable thermometer Elyssa Eror, medical director of UConn Health, said, as well as other flu-prevention resources.

College students need to be extra careful of their surroundings and stay hygienic, Eror said.

“It is important to promote good health and reduce the spread of this virus,” Eror said.

The number one best prevention to getting the flu is getting a flu vaccine, Eror said.

“Flu shots are available at the student health services on a walk in basis and free of charge to students” Eror said.

UConn Student Health services department also offers flu clinics for students to attend where they can find out about more of the symptoms, causes and prevention of the flu virus, Eror said.

Besides getting a vaccine, there are other preventive measures one might take, Eror said.

“[Students should] have good respiratory etiquette, practice good hygiene, avoid touching your eyes, nose and get plenty of sleep” Eror said.

Katherine Lee, first semester pathobiology major said it is important to get a flu vaccine in order to stay healthy.

“[The flu vaccine] prevents students being out or missing [precious] class time,” Lee said.

Students can always call the Student Health Service Advice Nurse, who can further classify their symptoms as flu or not, Eror said.  

“It is best to return back to school and your daily regimen only when you are free of symptoms of flu for at least 24 hours,” Eror said.

Shivani Padhi is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at shivani.padhi@uconn.edu .

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