“Big Brother” finale satisfies, but in a unique way


Season 20 of the crazy reality television show “Big Brother” has been a wild ride for both old fans and newcomers alike. With its scandals both in and out of the house, it has been one of the most notable seasons to date. The final three players this season, unlike many others, all have a pretty fair shot at winning the 500,000 dollar prize.

For anyone who wants to try watching the show next year, the game is played like this: 16 people from all across the United States are chosen as houseguests. These people go into a house filled with cameras and cut off from the outside world. Each week the houseguests compete in two different games created by the Big Brother production team; each game is unique in ability needed to play.

The first game is to win the Head of Household, or the person that runs the house that week. The Head of Household (HOH) has to choose two other houseguests to put on the “block.”

Then they play the Power of Veto competition. If they, or someone else, wins and decides to take one of the houseguests off the block, the HOH puts someone else up. Then the houseguests vote on who they want out of the house.

Halfway through the season, the houseguests are sent to a seperate house and continue to be cut off from the world. They are brought back on the last episode to vote for the winner of “Big Brother.”

This year, the final three houseguests are Tyler, Kaycee and JC. Tyler and Kaycee have been in an alliance, called Level Six, from the few first weeks in the house, but both have been working closely with JC for most of the game. Tyler has created a final two deal with both Kaycee and JC, as well as many evicted houseguests in the jury, and many feel this will hurt his chances of winning in the end. Kaycee has been dominating competitions recently, but many think she has been making weak game moves. JC had been playing an interesting mental game and won his first competition last week.

The jury did their annual pre-voting interview, and the argument over who played the best game left no clear answer about how any members were voting. Most of the former houseguests were making good cases toward each of the final three, and seemed to be thinking more game-wise than emotionally.

Spoilers Ahead: Kaycee won the final HOH and, having a final two deal with Tyler, took him to final two. People had mixed feelings about that choice, since many believe Tyler had the best overall game and she could have won against JC. Both gave slightly uncomfortable answers to the jury’s questions and in their final speech. A surprising marriage proposal from evicted houseguest Swaggy C to jury member Baileigh was overshadowed by the time constraints of the episode.

Kaycee won the game against Tyler by the one final vote, which was a real nail biter as both deserved to win. Tyler’s final speech might have been his downfall as he threw two of the jury members under the bus; these two might have voted in his favor if he hadn’t done this. Fortunately for fans of Tyler, he won “America’s Favorite Houseguest” as well as the second 50,000 dollar place prize.

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