DIY tricks now, Halloween treats later: Getting a head-start on your Halloween costume


Now that October’s finally rolled around, you know what that means: Halloween! And Halloween means creating and wearing an awesome costume. Often, DIY costume-making entails buying or finding some pieces that you may not have on hand, and this can be an obstacle to designing your eerie ensemble. So get a jump on creating your Halloween costume with some of these ideas.


You’ve probably seen these two produce items at a Halloween party that you’ve gone to over the past few years. And this is because these outfits are so simple to make! Get a long yellow T-shirt and draw some upward spikes with a sharpie, and, voilà, you have yourself a pineapple. Then just cut out some tall, spiky leaves from green foam and attach to a headband. For a strawberry, start with a long red T-shirt. Cut out some teardrop shapes from black felt and attach them to the shirt with fabric glue or hot glue. Use green foam to make some leaves and then attach to a headband.


In the same vein as the strawberry and pineapple costumes, just buy an orange T-shirt or sweatshirt and some black felt. Cut out jack-o-lantern eyes, nose and mouth. Simply attach to the T-shirt or sweatshirt with fabric or hot glue.

Lumberjack/Lumberjill or Cowboy/Cowgirl

You might wonder why I put these two seemingly different characters together. It is simply because these costumes start with the same basics but look totally different because of their accessories. Start with a flannel or plaid shirt and jeans. For a lumberjack/jill, throw on some work boots and a warm knit hat. Maybe bring along a fake axe, too. For a cowboy/girl, wear cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, and a bandana around your neck. A fringe vest is optional.

Scuba Diver

For this one, all you’ll need to start is a black long-sleeve shirt and black pants. You can craft flippers out of construction paper or foam, air tanks out of two 2-liter soda bottles, paint and black tape and a belt out of some black ribbon and colored foam (to make hooks/buckles). Coordinate paint color with the color of the foam and paper. To create the mouthpiece, purchase a pacifier of a similar color and some black tubing to attach it to your “air tank.” Don’t forget your snorkel mask! (This idea comes from YouTubers Brooklyn and Bailey.)


This idea comes from Good Housekeeping and is a unique take on a common costume. Instead of taping construction paper bones to a black shirt and pants, buy a white T-shirt and a black tank top to wear underneath it. Turn the T-shirt inside out and stencil a ribcage design on it. You might want to print out an image and place it under the shirt to make stenciling the design easier. Cut out your design and then wear the white T-shirt over the black tank top. Additionally, you can cut a heart out of pink paper or print one out and tape it on the tank for a cute touch.

Olympic Gymnast

Even though the summer Olympics are still two years away, Brit + Co created this cute, comfy costume for Halloween. (This same site also seemed to have other cute, simple costume ideas.) They taped and then spray painted simple white leotards with red and blue spray paint. (Instead of getting a leotard, you could always use a white long-sleeve T-shirt and tuck it into your pants.) They paired it with dark blue, loose-fitting athletic pants with a felt “USA” attached to the hip.  

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