Favorite Halloween Candy Roundtable


As a lover of chocolate and a lover of peanut butter, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are always important to me. (frankieleon/Flickr Creative Commons)

Alex: As a lover of chocolate and a lover of peanut butter, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are always important to me. And all peanut butter cups are good: the small ones that have their individual gold packaging with their cute crinkled sides; those circular chocolate disks that come in flat orange packages, tucked in a paper tray like a gift from God; the really tiny ones that come in a bag for “sharing.” They’re all worth the calories. But in truth not all peanut butter cups are created equal. The holiday peanut butter cups take the cake. They’re shaped like Christmas trees in December, eggs for Easter and—God bless Robby Benson and Donny Most for colliding back in the 70s—pumpkins in the fall. Something about these holiday cups is different. The chocolate coating is thinner, the peanut butter is grainier, they’re just a little bit bigger. The chocolate melts quicker all over your fingers as soon as you tear open that sacred orange wrapper. So while chocolate in itself is a staple—I’ll never be upset with a Crunch Bar or a Hershey’s Kiss—there is no better moment in children’s lives than when they stretch out their Halloween pails or pillowcases on the front stoop of a stranger’s house and see the satisfying sight of a free Halloween holiday peanut butter cup dropping in.

Daniel: When Leonardo Da Vinci said “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” he was obviously talking about Halloween candy. The outstandingly minimalist Heath bar is not only one of the best candies out there, but also incredibly underrated and overlooked every holiday season. While more complex confectioneries line the shelves by the bag every October, I struggle to see the simple toffee bar anywhere. That’s really what makes the Heath bar so special—it’s simple. Chocolate, toffee and almonds. Why add more? When I bite into a candy, I want the point made. I don’t want to fish around to find all the flavors—no, I want to be hit then and there with a blast of sugary flavor. That’s what makes the Heath bar special: all of its components play a part. The decadent buttery toffee that composes its core is fierce yet subtle. The almonds within said toffee are tasteful yet not overpowering. Finally, the smooth milk chocolate coat wraps it all together in a smooth blanket of love. It is Hershey’s quality chocolate, so it’s not the best it can be, but if you’re expecting to get Ghiradelli’s on Halloween, your neighborhood must be insanely rich. Heath bar rich. The best candy.

Hollie: I would say I’m more of a chocolate person than candy lover. Supposedly, when I was four, I surreptitiously devoured all of my Halloween candy in the backseat of the car on my way home from my cousin’s house, but that’s the last I could say of any candy obsession. Once in a while, I can’t deny a red Starburst or some Skittles, but I am definitely chocolate all the way. And with Halloween chocolate, I would say Kit Kats take the cake in my book. The gold of trick-or-treating, with their mix of creamy chocolate and textured wafer, has always been a favorite for me. It’s such a versatile chocolate, and its appeal lies in its adaptability to different flavors. Over the years, as I tried flavors they have rolled out, I the ones I haven’t liked are a minority. The milk chocolate Kit Kat, with its recognizable orange wrapper, synonymous with Halloween, always remains a classic in Kit Kat lovers’ hearts. But we can’t deny the more the merrier when it comes to flavors like dark chocolate, strawberry cheesecake, ube and, my personal favorite, green tea. When restaurants have Kit Kat flavored items, like Dairy Queen’s Kit Kat Blizzards, it’s just another vessel that boasts my favorite chocolate. Whether a king size bar, the mini snack sizes or the classic two-piece wafer, one can’t deny the delight in finding a Kit Kat in their Halloween candy stash.

Jordi: Naturally, being a simple girl at heart, Skittles are easily the most delicious and timeless candy of all time. Fun fact: Skittles is the only candy in history to have sold over 3 million pounds of candy. Evidently, the world agrees with me. With numerous flavors in one pack, every bite is a mouthwatering new surprise—all equally scrumptious. Not to mention the never-ending list of different variations. In the mood for something sour? Sour Skittles. In the mood for something fruity? Skittles Darkside bursts with flavors of blood orange, pomegranate and dark berry. Skittles even came up with a pack for Pride Month—Skittles Pride Fruits. My personal weaknesses are hands down the Sour Skittles flavors. Reaching a level of bitterness that leaves me gulping down water, I would not be upset eating numerous packs in one sitting. The perfect coating of sour sugar on the outside yet sweet taste towards the end gives my taste buds a whirlwind of flavors in just matters of seconds. The best part doesn’t come until the end, where the last few Skittles are completely coated and sitting in a pool of sour sugar. Who are we kidding? The most exciting part of Halloween isn’t dressing up, it’s filling my pillowcase with as many Skittles as I can find, just so I can devour them all in less than 24 hours.

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