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FILE- University of Connecticut students can register to vote at the Mansfield Town Hall Registrar of Voters office. (The Daily Campus)

University of Connecticut students can register to vote in the 2018 midterm elections at the Mansfield Town Hall Registrar of Voters office or online through Tuesday, Oct. 30. 

“All UConn students who are 18 years of age by or on Nov. 6, are citizens of the United States and who reside on-campus or in a residence in Mansfield are eligible to vote in Mansfield,” Caroline Redding, a member of the Mansfield Registrar of Voters, said. 

After students register, they will receive a letter confirming their registration, Redding said. 

“The letter will indicate where your polling place is located. If you need to provide proof of address on Election Day, this can be in the form of a fee bill on your phone or a piece of mail with (your) printed name and dorm address,” Redding said. 

Redding said the best way for students to register is online at the town of Mansfield Registrar of Voter’s website.  

“Read the instructions carefully about how to register at an on-campus address,” Redding said. “If your identity has been verified, you will receive confirmation of your registration. If your identity cannot be verified, you will be asked to print out the form and mail it in or bring it in to our office.” 

When students from Connecticut register to vote in Mansfield, their hometown will be notified of the address change automatically, Redding said. 

Students who live on-campus and are registered to vote can vote on Nov. 6 from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the Mansfield Community Center at 10 South Eagleville Road, Redding said. Students who live off-campus in Mansfield can find their polling place on the website for the Connecticut Secretary of the State. 

Redding said it is possible for students who did not register before the Oct. 30 deadline to register on Election Day at the Mansfield Town Hall. Anyone wishing to register on Election Day will be asked to provide identification and proof of address in Mansfield. 

“Please note that if you are not yet registered and plan to do so on Election Day, you must already be registered and have voted prior to 8 p.m., so please come early to ensure that your vote is counted,” Redding said. 

Mansfield voters can vote for United States Senate incumbent Chris Murphy (D) or Matthew Corey (R), Richard Lion (L) or Jeff Russell (G). 

The incumbent in Connecticut’s 2nd Congressional District, which includes Mansfield, is Joe Courtney (D). He is being challenged by Danny Postemski (R), Daniel Reale (L) and Michelle Bicking (G). 

Voters can also choose between gubernatorial candidates Ned Lamont (D), Bob Stefanowski (R), Oz Griebel (I) or Rodney Hanscomb (L). Various state and local candidates, along with multiple ballot measures, will be on the ballot as well. 

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