Greek life and UConn orgs pull out all the stops for Lip Sync


The Homecoming Lip Sync is back this year! Greek organizations, cultural centers, and clubs come together as they dance, act, and lip sync to tunes we know around Big City Storrs. (Photo by Eric Wang/The Daily Campus)

After absence one year, Homecoming Lip Sync came back with some exhilarating performances Thursday night in Gampel Pavilion. This year’s theme is “Big City Storrs,” and fraternities, sororities, cultural centers and other organizations all portrayed amazing stories set in different American cities.

The teams dressed in clothing and danced to songs specific to their city. The Nashville team dressed in flannel shirts, jeans and boots to look like cowboys and cowgirls. They performed some country line dances to songs like “Achy Breaky Heart,” “Before He Cheats” and “Wagon Wheel.” Students from the African American Cultural Center (AACC) dressed in bright sweatshirts and sweatpants to portray the story of Will from Philadelphia who became the “Fresh Prince of Storrs.”

Other cultural centers also had creative takes on their given cities. The Asian American Cultural Center (AsACC) made up a story about “AsACC Anatomy,” a group of doctors in Seattle who must save city residents from being unable to stop dancing. The Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center (PRLACC) created a story about Jonathan the Husky traveling through San Juan, Puerto Rico and learning about the culture while also growing in confidence and winning over his love interest “Marisol.” The group’s performance included Jonathan dancing to the “Macarena” as well as a more traditional dance. Students enjoyed the cultural centers’ fun interpretations of each city.

“The cultural organizations really popped out,” said third-semester English major Kanthalina Andreus.

Other performances had storylines that revolved around finding Jonathan after he got lost in a big city or was stolen by the UMass Amherst Minutemen. The San Francisco group portrayed the Tanner family from “Full House” and developed a plot where Michelle Tanner accidentally let Jonathan loose and Danny, Jessie, Joey, DJ and Stephanie had to help find him. Similarly, the UConn Irish Dance Team’s story was set in Boston, where the Minutemen had stolen Jonathan and the dancers had to search the city to find him and take him back.

The teams did a good job of demonstrating each city’s unique culture by incorporating songs about each town. The fraternity and sorority that represented Las Vegas danced to “Viva Las Vegas” as well as Katy Perry’s “Waking Up in Vegas.” Their story was about a group of UConn students who traveled to Vegas but woke up to realize that it was only a dream at the end of their performance. Similarly, the Los Angeles group portrayed the story of an orientation leader chatting with a student from California about why he came to UConn. The group lip synced to songs like “Party in the USA” and “California Love.”

A while before the Los Angeles group performed, the UConn marching band depicted the jazzy history and party culture of New Orleans with songs like “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” and, at the beginning of their set, a snippet from “Down in New Orleans” from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog.” The group also incorporated some jokes about the UConn shuttle bus routes and references to how the Bistro was formerly Chuck and Augie’s.

While waiting for the judges’ scores, a video played and announced that A$AP Ferg would be performing this semester’s fall concert on Nov. 28. Tickets go on sale today (Oct. 26).

Though the many teams were all creative and unique in their portrayal of different American cities, there could only be one winner in each category. For Greek organizations, the Chicago group won. Their performance focused on getting the antidote to tainted water in Husky Village from the UMass Amherst Minutemen, who had contaminated the water to begin with. In the non–fee-funded category, the Irish Dance Team won for their story in Boston. In the fee-funded category, AsACC came in first. Many students agreed that their performance was original and interesting.

“AsACC was really creative with their dance,” said third-semester computer science major Duyen Tran. Tran said that AsACC’s performance was her favorite one of the night.

Overall, the event proved to be a successful, exhilarating comeback for Lip Sync, and many students look forward to seeing the tradition continue.

Stephanie Santillo is a staff writer for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at

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