Sweet Madeline’s may return for colder weather


Sweet Madeline’s. A baker based in Glastonbury, Sweet Madeline’s donuts can be found at farmers markets, festivals and town events. (Photo by CT Now)

Students have noticed the absence of the smell of apple cider donuts drifting down Fairfield Way this fall, and have questions about where the iconic Sweet Madeline’s donut truck has been this semester.

Owen Bonaventura, a fifth-semester finance major, said while visiting the Big E this year, he saw the Sweet Madeline’s truck set up outside the Connecticut house.

“They told me that they miss us dearly and have been very busy,” Bonaventura said. “They’ll be back on campus when it gets colder.”

A post by Maddie Konz, a fifth-semester allied health major, in UConn Buy or Sell Tickets reminded students the truck has been missing from campus, and the response from students showed she wasn’t alone in wondering.

“Where has the apple cider donut truck been all semester?” Konz said in the Facebook post.

“My Facebook post definitely stirred the pot,” Konz said. “I used to get excited when I could smell the truck before I could see it. On those days I would think of every excuse to ‘treat myself.’”

Konz said she felt the truck helped bring the UConn community together in multiple ways.

“I think the donuts brought the UConn community together as they were a shared excitement,” Konz said. “I know several organizations used the donuts as a fundraiser so it’s not just an individual loss.”

University spokesperson Stephanie Reitz explained UConn does not contact Sweet Madeline’s directly to come to campus.

“Sweet Madeline’s usually comes to campus at the request of various student organizations who partner with the company for fundraisers for their groups,” Reitz said. “Those organizations reach out to Sweet Madeline’s directly, and then we are asked to reserve space on Fairfield Way for the group and the truck.”

Both Bonaventura and Konz were able to speak to how much students enjoyed the donuts.

“Above all, those donuts were just so damn good,” Konz said.

Bonaventura said he used to look forward to getting a donut on his way to class.

“I miss that donut truck, that was the highlight of my mornings last fall,” Bonaventura said.

Sweet Madeline’s was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.

Ashley Anglisano is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at ashley.anglisano@uconn.edu.

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