Storrs Stories: No Absentee Votes


In 1956, Univeristy of Connecticut students were able to vote while on campus via absentee ballots. (Photo supplied via writer.)

Students at the University of Connecticut were unable to send in absentee ballots leading up to Election Day in 1956.

“Any elector not a member of the armed forces who is unable to appear at his polling place during the hours of voting of any state, municipal or special election because of absence from the state during the voting hours…may [cast his vote] by absentee ballot,” Mildred Allen, secretary of the state said.

Allen observed students who were still in the state on election day, but not in their hometown, would not be able to submit an absentee ballot.

Provost at the time Albert Waugh said the campus policy would be that missing class to vote would constitute one of three allowed absences for freshmen and sophomore students

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