Final exams on the way out?


UConn does not plan on eliminating finals week, Reitz said. (File/The Daily Campus)

Final exams are becoming scarcer during actual finals week and more common during the academic week in order to better accommodate students.

Each professor has the liberty to hold their final exam at the time scheduled by the university or at an earlier date during the regular academic semester, University of Connecticut spokesperson Stephanie Reitz said.

“UConn gives its faculty members the latitude to decide how they think their classes will best serve students, as long as all of the academic materials are fully explored and students are getting the full value of the tuition they’re paying for the courses,” Reitz said.

While there must be some type of judgement of student work, a designated week for final exams is not specifically mentioned in the “final exam” portion of the UConn website.

“Instructors of undergraduate courses shall provide a clear form of assessment of student work that shall be consistent with and sufficient for the learning goals of the course,” the website said.

This “assessment” can be given at any time, Reitz said.

“UConn supports this (early exams), both because we trust our faculty to know what’s best for their classes, and because we find that it takes pressure off of students who might otherwise find themselves with multiple exams in a short time period,” Reitz said.

First-semester undeclared major Ashley Brown already had one of her final exams for the lab portion of a class. She supports early final exams for lab portions of classes, but not for lectures as a whole.

“I can focus my energy on the actual lecture (after taking the lab final),” Brown said. “You can know exactly when the block of a time is for an exam weeks in advance, so that you can know what day you have to focus on each subject…overall I’d say yes to early finals for labs and discussions, and not to early finals for bigger lectures and classes.”

UConn does not plan on eliminating finals week, Reitz said.

“UConn has no plans to discontinue finals week, since most of the courses here still have their exams during that time period,” Reitz said.

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