Vines To Butter UConn’s Eggroll: Vine tournament held as Honors event


Advertised as “It’s Wednesday My Dudes,” Wednesday night’s Honors Vine tournament saw a small crowd of students waiting outside the Buckley classroom before the event even began. As soon as the door opened, students flooded in to pick up snacks, sign in to the event and propose their submissions for the tournament, which eliminated Vines tournament-style to determine the best Vine. The Buckley-Shippee Hall Association organized the event.

The tournament bracket was written on a whiteboard at the back of the room while Vines were played in pairs at the front. After each pair was played, participants would move to one side of the room to vote for one Vine and the opposite side to vote for the opposing Vine. After all the students had chosen, there was an opportunity to present debates and change sides. After everybody had chosen a side to stick with, votes were counted and one Vine was eliminated while the winner moved on the next round.

“It was just to give people a fun Wednesday,” third-semester computer science engineering major and RA supervisor Christopher Jacobs said. He explained the debate portion was added once the Hall Association decided to make the tournament an Honors event.

Sixteen Vines entered the tournament as submissions, including classics like “child rapist,” “Shelissa,” “mother trucker,” “burnt chicken nugget” and “John Cena.” Ultimately, “you’re not my dad” was crowned the winner.

“I thought it was really cool how everybody got to show their favorite Vine,” third-semester allied health sciences major Amy Chen said. Chen submitted “Shelissa.” “I wish my Vine won, but it’s okay.”

Debates ranged from eloquent arguments about cultural relevance, quotability, positive messaging and choreography to less well-spoken comments like, “It’s funny.”

Hall association executive board members said they would structure the event to better facilitate conversation and participation if they were to host it again.

After the championship round in which “you’re not my dad” triumphed over “I’m ‘bout to get Will again,” there was a brief twist in which the coordinators presented their own Vine selection. However, “you’re not my dad” quickly established dominance over “okay.”

The tournament started and ended with Vine compilations. A compilation ran in the background while students filtered in at the beginning to either sit in the chairs or on the floor, once all the chairs had been taken. Students switched back and forth between chatting with their friends and quoting along to the compilation. At the end of the event, everybody watched another compilation together, quoting along and applauding at its conclusion.

“I’m really happy,” first-semester pre-pharmacy student and Hall Association public relations coordinator Nitya Raj Bhattarai said. “I thought it was just going to be a couple people from Buckley, but we had a good number of people here.”

At the conclusion of the event, students were still quoting Vines as they filed out.

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