‘Supe Dupe guy’ at center of controversial Buy or Sell post


Student Union and Union Street Market, where “Supe Dupe“ guy works.

Popular Union Street Market employee Luis, commonly known as the “supe dupe guy,” was the victim of an alleged verbal assault by a coworker last Tuesday, Nov. 6.

“Just witnessed the fat cashier in the Union yell at Luis (supe dupe guy) for being too loud and if he was “loud enough today that she could hear him” she was gonna report him,” fifth-semester business management and turfgrass science double major Matt Ternullo posted in the Buy or Sell UConn Tickets Facebook group.

Luis was in front of Ternullo in line to pay for lunch when the incident occurred.

“I thought she was kidding at first,” Ternullo said.

Ternullo offered to pay for Luis’ meal, but he refused.

“I said I’d pay for it no problem and he said no,” Ternullo said.

One week after the incident occurred, Luis gave Ternullo an update on the situation.

“…Luis just came up to me in the U thanking for posting it on Facebook,” Ternullo said. “He said that she is no longer a cashier, she is now working in the back and now he’s [sic] feels more comfortable to be able to say ‘supe dupe’ in that area now.”

UConn spokesperson Stephanie Reitz did not identify the cashier, nor confirm whether or not the cashier has been moved from the front as Luis said.

“The University will review this, but generally speaking, we are not able to talk about personnel matters,” Reitz said.

Third-semester allied health major Marisa Melluzzo said she appreciates Luis’ positivity.

“Luis literally told me today to have an amazing day and good luck on everything I was working on,” Melluzzo commented on Ternullo’s post.

Seventh-semester HDFS major Kurt Daigle agreed.

“I think he represents something that this campus desperately needs, which is positivity and happiness and encouragement of students [for] the entire student population,” Daigle said. “He creates such an individualistic approach to each student he interacts with. The Union is full with thousands of people and you feel like you’re the only one in the building when you’re talking with him.”

Luke Hajdasz is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at luke.hajdasz@uconn.edu.

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