Khalid releases catchy lead single from upcoming album


Khalid officially released the lead single of his next album titled “Talk” on Thursday, Feb. 7.(@thegr8khalid/Instagram screenshot)

Khalid officially released the lead single of his next album titled “Talk” on Thursday, Feb. 7.(@thegr8khalid/Instagram screenshot)

Khalid, the R&B superstar and confirmed fan of Jonathan the Husky, will be releasing his sophomore album sometime during April of this year. The yet-to-be-named album is coming on the heels of an extremely successful 2018 for the 21-year-old artist.  

The album’s lead single, titled “Talk,” was officially released on Thursday, Feb. 7. The track is co-written and produced by Disclosure, two English brothers who are known for making electronic music.  

Khalid’s debut studio album “American Teen” was released in 2017. The album was well received and allowed the Texas singer to become a big name in the R&B scene. In October of 2018 he released an EP titled “Suncity.” This short seven-song project included the hit songs “Saturday Nights” and “Better.”  

Disclosure’s last album, titled “Caracal,” was released in 2015 and nominated at the 2016 Grammys for Best Dance/Electronica album. The duo’s most popular song is titled “Latch” and features the vocalist Sam Smith.  

“Talk” reveals an anxious Khalid who feels that a relationship has been moving too fast. Throughout the song he stresses the importance of having communication from both sides. “Can’t we just talk? Can’t we just talk? Figure out where we’re going,” he repeats during each chorus.  

Disclosure does an outstanding job of creating a smooth instrumental. The slow-moving beat, filled with synths and electronic flairs, is Mario-esque. The combination with Khalid’s silky vocals results in a truly dynamic pairing.  

One of the most attractive qualities of Khalid as an artist is how adept he is at making tracks sound smooth and relaxing. He has the type of voice and rhythm that will make listeners want to hum along for hours. In other words, it’s tough to get tired of listening to his velvety voice surf over slow R&B melodies. This quality is on full display in this lead single. “Talk” is definitely the type of song that can survive being played on replay all day.   

If this is any indication of the quality of Khalid’s upcoming album, then fans should be ecstatic. The young R&B star seems like he is only getting better with more experience. It would be exciting to see Khalid collaborate more with Disclosure in the future as well after the fantastic job they did writing and producing this track. Hopefully we’ll be able to sample a couple of other singles from the new album before it drops in April. Until then, “Talk” will be left on repeat.  

Rating: 4.5/5 

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