Open-ended responses to our survey


(Graphic via The Daily Campus)

(Graphic via The Daily Campus)

NOTE: These are some of the open-ended responses to this year’s Valentine’s Day survey. You can see the rest of the results along with the rest of our Valentine’s Day special edition here. Happy reading!

  1. This guy was really offended that I was trying to ghost him, so for a month every time he drank he would comment the entire Declaration of Independence on all of my Instagram posts

  2. I once vomited over some guys d*ck after eating Wings Over. I wasn’t feeling well and he really wanted his d*ck in my mouth. I vomited all over the back of his car, on him, and the car next to his. It was awful.

  3. Sex in the ocean!!!

  4. First time I had sex was in the living room of my boyfriends house. My boyfriends parents texted him a minute later saying that we better move away from the cameras 😬

  5. On the same day my mans asked me to be in a committed relationship with him, he also got drunk and made out with his guy best friend (funnily enough, also my ex) that night.

  6. 11 Gilbert was dirty as f*ck

  7. My roommate told me I couldn’t so I went to the cowfields!

  8. One time my boyfriend butt dialed his mom during sex and she picked up the phone. We didn’t notice for 3 min…

  9. One time I was doing the sex on the side of a shed and then someone on the roof of the shed urinated all over me

  10. May sound strange but…we track our sex using the Apple health app and counted that we had sex exactly 100 times in our first year! This is 21st century living y’all!

  11. My step-dad walked in on us having sex but I don’t think he noticed because he doesn’t understand how two girls have sex. He just walked in said hi and then walked back out after getting a bottle of wine.

  12. One time the guy I was sleeping with and I lost the condom we were using. After searching the back seat of the car we were in and found no trace of the condom (that he had put on already), we realized that it had come off and was inside of me… I had to go digging “up there” and pulled the condom out of me. Needless to say we laughed a lot, but he ghosted me after that. Thank u, next!

  13. My ex boyfriend’s mom works in a dentist office and one time when it was closed we went in there to have sex and then we heard someone come in the building so I hid in the closet wearing nothing but lingerie and the person said to my bf “I just need to grab something from the closet” so I was like F*CK and he just goes “ummmmmm please don’t” and she was like “lmaoooo ok” (she totally knew) and left. Turns out it was his hockey coach’s wife and she also worked there!! And then we had sex on the dentist chair

  14. One time we banged at the top of a fire tower!

  15. Sex in a canoe

  16. I remember getting into it with my boyfriend and then I started calling him “a good boy” “such a good boy” kind of like a dog lmao – he had to stop what he was doing and we just sat there and laughed so hard.

  17. Sex on an island in the middle of a lake. We canoed out there. Long story short, he said it was the best sex of his life but I got waaaay too many mosquito bites. 2/10 Would not lose that much blood again.

  18. One time my Apple Watch called 911 while I was having sex with my boyfriend, and neither of us noticed until we heard a tiny voice saying “911, what’s your emergency?” We froze and told them it was an accident and hung up, laughed, and immediately kept going.

  19. I had sex in a storage locker

  20. I had sex with a UConn basketball player who made himself a full meal… and offered me none… as I sat and watched him eat it #drunkandhungry

  21. Had sex in the music building on a piano, was great

  22. In high school I was giving my boyfriend road head. A truck driver saw us and honked. We tried to drive away and they kept coming back, honking.

  23. I had sex in a corn maze shaped like Jonathan the husky

  24. Hooked up with a guy a couple times then didn’t hear from him for a few days. Thought I was getting ghosted but turns out he was just in the hospital having a child :/

  25. Had sex on the baseball field behind north/northwest

  26. My current boyfriend and I met in high school. He was my best friend for the longest time and I knew he had a crush on me but I didn’t like him back in that way…We’d hang out everyday after school, he’d buy me candy for no apparent reason and was just the sweetest guy ever. After he hooked up with a girl I was not fond of I realize I really did like him because I was jealous. I admitted my feelings for him and one day after we started dating. We’ve been together for almost 2 years now… I’ve since learned relationships pop up in mysterious ways and it’s hard to acknowledge your true emotions. Just follow your gut and everything will fall into place. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share my story! Happy Valentines Day!!

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