Athlete Spotlight: Olivia Sappington


The redshirt sophomore was the only player to start all 55 games last season. File Photo/The Daily Campus

Mike Mavredakis: You are from out-of-state, why did you come to UConn?

Olivia Sappington: I came to UConn because I met coach (Jen) McIntyre in eighth grade when she was at Penn State. I had never heard of UConn and was not a basketball fan, I am now a basketball fan. When she called me and told me she got the job here, I was curious and came out for a visit. It’s a different way of life, I am from D.C., so it is different down there. New England is different, I wanted to experience a different way of life than what I know. That was the main driving factor of me coming up here.

MM: What would make this a successful season for you?

OS: So far this season, the freshmen have definitely bought in faster than previous seasons. We have a lot of upperclassmen, only two seniors, but a lot of juniors. Coming in from the start as a freshman has been able to help create a culture and start building off that base to create a program. I think all of those tying together will make this season a lot better than it has been in the past.

MM: Is there a specific goal or round in the playoffs that you want to get to?

OS: After our loss in the first round to USF in 12 innings, I think that really showed that we have the fight. It is just deciding that we are good enough to beat those teams. I think its huge we have the mindset this year that we can beat anybody out there.

MM: What is your favorite/least favorite part of UConn?

OS: I really like Horsebarn Hill. I go there a lot, not in the cold, but when it is nice out. The sun sets and it is perfect. It is just amazing, especially for pictures. My least favorite is the post-snow when it is just slushy, grey, and gross.

MM: Do you have a favorite class that you have taken?

OS: I am in a business law class, I am a business management major, and I actually enjoy it. I do not think I could ever be a lawyer, but from the business standpoint it really makes sense to me. It has been a class that I have finally been able to tie my major into and understand my future career path.

MM: What kind of career are you looking into?

OS: My dream is to be a CEO, eventually working toward that. I want to do something with business, anything really, I try to keep an open mind. I have applied to a few internships for the summer, so we will see where that takes me.

MM: What do you think is more difficult, hitting a pitch or flying back and forth from Florida every weekend?

OS: Flying back and forth every weekend. I could hit in my sleep. It is a struggle leaving Thursday mornings and getting back at 2 a.m. Monday night. Then turning it around and doing it again next week.

MM: What is your main hobby outside of softball?

OS: Does sleeping count? I just took a twenty-minute power nap. I would say reading, though, reading literally anything. I read all different types of genres. There is nothing better than laying in bed and reading a book for hours.

MM: Last question, what kind of music do you listen to?

OS: I say I listen to a variety, but I am not really into country. If it is on, I will listen to it, but it is not my go to. I like hip hop, R&B, things with good beats or things I can sing and dance to. Beyoncé and Rihanna are my top-two.

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