Calista’s Cinema Conversations: Spoof films


Although it is great to appreciate films and the work that goes into them, sometimes it is also great to appreciate the films made to make fun of those same wonderful films we enjoy so much. This week, our conversation will be dedicated to the best of these spoof films.

The most popular and well known of the genre is the “Scary Movie” series. All five of the films make fun of some of the most iconic horror and slasher films including “Scream,” “The Ring,” “The Sixth Sense,” “Poltergeist.” In addition to some hilarious moments based off some of the scariest scenes in cinema history, there is a fun cast that helps move the plot along nicely.

If you loved making fun of the “Twilight” films when they were coming out or have wished to forget your Twihard phase, “Vampires Suck” is the film for you. It is an uproarious film that knows exactly which “Twilight” moments and characters to make fun of. Everything you don’t like about “Twilight” is most likely made fun of in this film, and they do it well.

Another spoof based off of a popular book-to-movie series is “The Starving Games” based off of “The Hunger Games” trilogy. Although both the movies and the books they were based on are very well-made and captivating, the spoof was funny nonetheless. “The Starving Games” makes fun of some of your favorite aspects of “The Hunger Games,” some popular culture from 2013 and other films that were popular at the time. It is all around a fun film, even for the most dedicated “The Hunger Games” fans.

Making fun of the sci-fi genre, and more specifically the “Star Wars” movies, is the film “Spaceballs.” Its outlandish kind of humor and over-exaggeration of the “Star Wars” characters makes this film worth the watch.

Similar to “Spaceballs,” the film “Galaxy Quest” is a spoof of “Star Trek.” With a star-studded cast and a hilarious plot, this movie is iconically funny. Once you watch it for the first time, you will want to watch it again and again.

The film “Disaster Movie” is a funny, albeit campy, comedy that parodies many of the most popular films of 2008. It might not be the best of the spoof films, but it is still very entertaining.

Making fun of the rom-com genre is the film “Not Another Teen Movie.” Starring a hilariously young and cocky Chris Evans, the film makes fun of pretty much all aspects of the classic ‘80s and ‘90s romance films in a very interesting way that will have you laughing all the way until the end of the movie.

Although there’s a large amount of niche spoof films, they are still great to watch if you like making fun of popular culture, as the main theme of every spoof movie is to mock. If I’m being honest, I think there should be more films made that spoof popular movies, just so that the film industry doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time.

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