Favorite part of spring/what are you looking forward to the rest of the semester?


Melissa Scrivani, ALE 

Our DC Life section discusses their favorite parts of spring. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

Our DC Life section discusses their favorite parts of spring. (File photo/The Daily Campus)

My favorite part of spring would have to be the excitement that comes with the warmer weather and end of the semester. Everything and everyone just seems to be happier—people spend more time outside, the birds and squirrels come back out and there is so much to do around campus. I’m definitely so much more motivated to go places and do things when the weather is warm enough to walk outside without freezing. In particular, I always look forward to Spring Weekend (especially the food truck festival), walking up Horsebarn Hill and looking at all the cows in that area and just being able to explore new places on and around campus. This year, I really want to go to Mansfield Hollow State Park and walk around by the lake. There’s something exciting about no longer being restricted to the indoors and knowing that if I want to sit outside and do work or drink an iced coffee I can.  

Hollie Lao, Staff Writer 

After hearing about all of the events and fun involved with Spring Weekend, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what it’ll have to offer. Hopefully I don’t have that many exams or essays due the week after. My friends and I just made an Oozeball team, and we may not be a shoo-in for the podium, but I know that will be a fun time. I heard that there’s a lot of free stuff and food trucks, which I know I will definitely want to take advantage of. As much as I dislike the hot weather, springtime brings perfect weather, except for when it’s pouring. However, when it is sunny outside, I’m more inclined to actually walk to class or study somewhere else besides my dorm room. I just feel like everybody is more happy and motivated in the spring, and hopefully that’ll help carry us until the end of the semester. 

Courtney Gavitt, Staff Writer 

Honestly, my favorite part of spring is the way everything and everyone comes to life. Everything turns bright green and suddenly everyone finds any excuse they can to be outside. I’ll walk by Mirror Lake and people will be out in hammocks, doing yoga, slacklining or even just sleeping in the grass. The sun puts everyone in such a good mood, and personal barriers stop mattering. I’ve had strangers ask me if I want to toss a Frisbee around with them or something, and I’ve ended up in so many amazing conversations that way. Campus wakes up in the spring. We all get filled with a new sense of energy and joy, and it’s my favorite thing. I’m looking forward to the sun setting later and really just for that feeling of spring in the air.  

Jordi Castelli, Campus Correspondent 

What is there not to love about spring? After surviving my first dreadful UConn winter, I am itching for the first sunny day when the wind will not turn me into an icicle. My absolute favorite part about spring would have to be the food and being able to barbecue. A delicious platter of barbecued meats with a side of sweet corn on the cob is the perfect meal for any Sunday. Even more exciting than stuffing my belly with the most scrumptious, ripe foods is being able to eat outside. During the spring and summer months my family has a tradition of setting up the dinner table outside so we can all enjoy the fresh, warm air while we eat. There’s something so liberating about eating outside that puts all of us in the best mood. After a full winter of constantly eating dinner in the pitch black, being able to dine with the sun still shining is refreshing. To top it all off, we all pack in the car to end the night with a trip that will guarantee an even more delicious dessert: Dairy Queen.  

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