‘Ready or Not’ gives audiences what it promises 


Last week the psychological horror film “Ready or Not” was released in theaters. Though it was released alongside a few highly-anticipated, family-friendly films, the movie was pretty crowded when I went to go see it and the theater’s reception of the film was positive. 

“Ready or Not” tells the story of a bride, Grace, as she prepares to marry into an extremely wealthy family. All seems to be going well until her  new husband, Alex, tells Grace that she must play a board game on their wedding night in order to be truly accepted into the family. Alex’s family made their money by creating board games and they explain to Grace that they owe all of their wealth to a man named Mr. Le Bail who gave them a box that produces a card with a game each new member of the family is required to play. Grace’s is given the card of hide and seek and jokingly finds her hiding spot, only to realize that this deadly game is no joke. 

This film is a rollercoaster from start to finish as Grace does her best to survive the night in her new in-laws home. Samara Weaving, who plays Grace, does an excellent job as the lead role. Her gritty performance portrays Grace’s struggle to survive well. Though the entire cast was talented, Weaving’s performance stood out among the rest throughout each scene.  

Something I found surprising from film was the amount of comedy. Each character had their own personality which created their own form of unique comedy which added to the overall dark comedy. The humor in the film was not too distracting from the other, very serious moments of the film, and if there was humor during a serious scene it was used tastefully and not overdone.  

The overall plot of “Ready or Not” gave the audience exactly what the trailers said it would. There weren’t really any secret sub-plots or shocking twists, yet the film was able to keep audiences on their toes until the end. It balanced all the right ingredients from the horror, thriller and comedy genres. 

There were a few aspects of the film I was not entirely fond of, one of which being the very ending of the film. Without spoiling the finale, I will say the conclusion of the story felt a little too fantastical and slightly predictable. The end was disappointing compared to the pace and story of the rest of the film andhad so much potential to be as good as the rest of film had been thus far.  

A unique turn on the worst case-scenario of meeting the in-laws, “Ready or Not” delivered right up until the end. Though it finished on the weak side, it was worth a watch for any horror or thriller movie fan. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Calista Giroux is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at calista.giroux@uconn.edu.

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