UConn integrates new OneCard seamlessly  


Most people at this point have their new Husky OneCard. As it says on the form you receive with it, this new iteration promises better security features, touchless access built in and a design that feels just a little juvenile. While detractors will claim that this is the University of Connecticut playing catch-up on card features, the immediate integration of this new card is honestly very exciting. 

The security features are likely what caused the need for this change. Old OneCards stored your identification plainly on it. This meant that anyone who got ahold of it, even just to swipe it, had access to all the identifying information on it. Effectively, there was the possibility of others posing as you, at least in the eye of UConn services. While this was never known to be done, it did force the university to push out a new iteration, replacing the baby blue card we were all used to. 

And it was a great time to do so! With the new gym just opening up, finally UConn had no more excuses not to integrate touchless features into the dining halls and facilities around campus. RFID features existed on the previous cards but had to be activated by the user. This meant that there was no guarantee (or really, possibility) for everyone on campus to have them. It was frustrating to have touchless functionality then because it was only used for one or two purposes.  

Now, with the encrypted smartcard chip, everything is tappable. The gym feels so much more streamlined with the easy turnstiles. The cafés feel much more sensible. It’s all so natural that it feels like it should have come ages ago.  

And this is all thanks to UConn’s effort to push itself forward. They could have tried to push the change incrementally, as it felt like they did before. Instead, they finally made the push to integrate it fully.  

The one problem is the design. Of course, people voted on it, so no one can be too upset about their choice not winning, but the cut-off Husky feels just a little bit like a high school I.D. We can all breathe a sigh of relief that it at least wasn’t Option Three from the online poll), of course. In any case, the new I.D. seems so far to be a massive success, and we should take those where we can get them.  


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