Travis Scott takes us to Astroworld in his Netflix documentary, ‘Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly’ 


This documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of Travis Scott’s preparation for his tour. It highlights his highest moments and never-before-seen footage of the making of the artist’s best album yet. 

If you have never been to a Travis Scott concert, then this is the perfect opportunity to see him live in action. Well, through your TV or computer screen. Netflix released “Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly” on Aug. 28, and if you are not a diehard Travis fan, this release was a surprise.  

Travis Scott’s latest solo album “Astroworld” earned the number one spot on The Billboard 200 Chart in 2018. The documentary started with a montage of fans screaming before and after his concert. They praised Scott, stating he’s the greatest artist of all time and some even cried when they left the show. The introduction also took a personal route, showing Scott’s arrest after one of his concerts back in 2017 where concertgoers jumped barricades. The arrest made headlines after his relationship with Kylie Jenner was revealed. 

The Texan native started making music in high school. In the documentary, Scott’s long time friends reflect on his ambition and dedication throughout his music career. He started releasing mixtapes in school. After playing in small venues, Scott created a name for himself and now he’s playing in large arenas. Netflix included video footage of Scott as a toddler playing drums with his parent’s voices in the background cheering him on. It is clear Scott was born to do this job; he basically lives in the studio.  

The documentary mainly focuses around Scott’s “Astroworld” tour. Before every concert Scott tells the fans to “rage” to build the hype in the room, but it is his energy that makes fans want more. He discourages security guards from interfering with fans because that stops people from going wild and feeling free when he’s on stage. Also, Scott is not afraid to dive into the crowd. The success of the “Astroworld” tour and album gifted Scott with Astroworld Day, given by Houstin, Texas on Nov. 18. Being recognized by your hometown is a special honor. 

Scott’s mother states, “[Scott’s high school guidance counselor] told me that he’s going to be somebody.” After receiving his own honorary day, Scott turned to the camera and introduces his high school counselor, who he credits with saving his life. 

The production of “Astroworld” was a rollercoaster. Scott dealt with a great amount of stress to put on a positive show for his fans. He wanted everyone in the crowd to see him, and most importantly, he wanted to see his fans. The documentary follows Scott’s opportunity to perform at the 2019 Grammys. However, after the award for best rap album went to Cardi B, Scott walked away, leaving his crew and Kylie behind. After the footage of Scott losing the award, the documentary pans to a video that shows Scott learning how to ride his bike as a child. A family member speaks over the video, stating how whenever Scott got on the bike and fell, he managed to get back up and start riding again.  

Scott said multiple times that he makes music for the kids. He wants fans to take their emotions out when they come to his concert. Just from watching this documentary, you can tell the adrenaline of his performances is through the roof. Scott is passionate about what he does. Watching the footage from the Astroworld tour will make you wish you were there. I’m not a diehard Travis Scott fan, but after watching this documentary I wish I went to one of his shows.  

Rating: 4.5/5 

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