This is your preview of ‘This Is Us’ season 4 


In about four weeks, we’ll be discussing the first episode of season four of the family drama “This Is Us” instead of speculating about it. Fans have high expectations for the new season and are ready for their burning questions about the fate of the Pearson family to finally be answered.   

Let’s start with a recap of season three. The season finale saw the dissolution of Kevin and Zoe’s romance, a move to Philadelphia for Randall and family, a new baby for Kate and Toby and a move to California for Rebecca and Miguel so that they can help out Kate with baby Jack. And that was all just in the present timeline.  

In the future timeline, audiences saw the Big Three’s families and Nicky gathered at Kevin’s house as an old, sickly Rebecca lies quietly on a bed.  

With all these changes occurring in the season three finale, we are sure to see their outcomes in the beginning of season four.  

A few weeks ago, Entertainment Weekly released a few stills from the upcoming season, which might just shed some light on where the show plans to go and how things work out for everyone. Though the photos show the characters in the present in good times, paving new roads for themselves, there’s sure to be plenty of bumps along the way.  

We also know that season four will focus a lot on the past and will have several new storylines for the preteen Big Three as well as introduce viewers to the four-year-old Big Three.

Additionally, some time will be spent on the Pearson’s future. We may see more of what is going on with future Rebecca. Many have speculated that these future scenes will show her with dementia or Alzheimer’s, or even her death.  

The reappearance of Nicky in the season finale was also a bit of a shock. When the Pearson kids learned about his existence in season three, they tried to help him clean up his life, but he rebuffed their advances. How did he become the seemingly sober, healthier man we see in the future?

Another question that remains to be answered is the identity of the mother of Kevin’s future child. Does Kevin get back together with Zoe? Does he reunite with Sophie, his first love?  

There’s no doubt that Kevin is going to face a difficult path this season. After breaking up with Zoe after realizing that he wanted kids and she didn’t, Kevin will have to put the pieces of his life back together again while maintaining his sobriety.  

Audiences are also wondering about Kate. Where is she in the future? And how do she and Toby navigate their new world with baby Jack? Last season, we saw Toby struggling with mental health at various times. Will a new baby compound these struggles or will Toby find a way to balance caring for himself and caring for his new son?  

As for Randall and Beth, will their move place more strain on their family or will it alleviate some of the pressures they’ve been facing? The teenage Tess’s reaction to the move will be explored, and we might even see how Deja turns out in the future.  

And Miguel. Poor Miguel. Will he ever be redeemed for marrying his best friend’s widow? Sources say that audiences might see how he and Rebecca got together in season four.

With so many characters already, fans might wonder how the show could become any more complex, but the addition of new characters and storylines is sure to elevate the show to an even higher level of storytelling. No matter how crazy and complicated life gets for the Pearsons this season, fans know that it’s love that will keep this big, beautiful family going strong.  

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