Noodle Beat: An update on Storrs Center’s noodle restaurants  


Daddy's Noodle Shop is located in Storrs Center next to 7-11 where FroYo World used to be.  File Photo / The Daily Campus

Daddy’s Noodle Shop is located in Storrs Center next to 7-11 where FroYo World used to be. File Photo / The Daily Campus

A Reddit post questioning when Daddy’s Noodle Bar will open in East Lyme from a month ago has lead to worries over whether or not Storrs Center will be gaining a pho restaurant.  

The Daily Campus reported back in April 2018 that construction at Daddy’s Noodle Shop was delayed due to electrical work that was being done without the proper permits. Owner Anh Duong said then that the restaurant aimed to open in June 2018.  

As of today, more than a year later, there appears to be little update at the store front. However, Daddy’s Noodle Bar is still an active business. They have a legal business entity with an active LLC, a domestic limited liability company, according to CT Open Data.  

Daddy’s Noodle Bar’s business address as 1 Dog Land, Suite A103, Mansfield, Conn., which differs from their mailing address of 5 Joshua Valley Road, East Lyme, Conn., according to CT Open Data. It is unclear if the confusion on Reddit stemmed from the address differences.  

Henry Duong, principal member of Daddy’s Noodle Bar, was unavailable for comment at the time of publication.   

In addition to Daddy’s Noodle Bar, Q’s Noodle Bar was originally supposed to open in the end of October 2018, the Daily Campus reported.

The delay in opening Q’s Noodle Bar came from a change of management, Jason Poon, original owners and University of Connecticut fifth-semester psychology major, said. Poon and his family stopped being associated with the restaurant over this past summer, he said.   

In addition to the Poon family, most of the original shareholders and management sold their shares, and it is now mostly all under the new management, Poon said.  

The Poon family is currently planning on opening a restaurant with a similar concept as Q’s Noodle Bar in Greenwich, Connecticut, Poon said.  

 Poon said that the Storrs restaurant should be opening soon but does not know an official date. He said he thinks the restaurant has potential to do well.   

“I know that it is difficult to keep a business afloat in Storrs Center as several businesses have opened and closed this past year or two,” Poon said.  “Although I do believe in the concept, so I feel like if it is done correctly, then it has a good chance to be successful.”  

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