New System, Lower Prices: What users should know about HuskyPrint 


The new printing system is set to allow a more efficient and effective way to print for students across all campuses.  Photo by Elizabeth He / The Daily Campus

The new printing system is set to allow a more efficient and effective way to print for students across all campuses. Photo by Elizabeth He / The Daily Campus

HuskyPrint is the new printing system used at the University of Connecticut’s Storrs campus and regional campuses. 

According to the HuskyPrint website, “[HuskyPrint] was designed for students but is open to the community and permits both to print throughout the Storrs and regional campuses.” 

Mitch Saba, assistant manager of personal computing and configuration management campus technology services, said in an email this change allows for more consistency and flexibility when printing. 

“ITS replaced and installed the same kind of printer at all locations,” Saba said. “By standardizing on one type of printer, students have a more consistent experience and ITS can support them more efficiently.” 

 Saba said the updated system provides authenticated printing. 

 “This means that students only see their print jobs and cannot see or accidentally print someone else’s documents,” Saba said. “Students also have more flexibility. They can submit a print job anywhere on the UConn network and then print from any HuskyPrint printer.” 

According to the HuskyPrint website, there are two ways to upload print jobs. A printer user can upload their documents by logging into, or by emailing their documents to  

To release the print job, go to a HuskyPrint printer, tap the OneCard on the labeled spot on the printer to login, enter a NetID and password if asked and select the print job, according to the HuskyPrint website. Once the job is completed, tap the card again to logout or wait 10 seconds and the printer will end your session. 

Saba said the new printing system can print everything the old system could; however, there are some issues with printing some PDFs, but that will be fixed. 

Along with new printers came a lower printing price. Saba said in an email the prices dropped from 35 cents for color pages to 15 cents and from 10 cents to five cents for black and white pages. 

“ITS analyzed all of the costs associated with printing and we have chosen to limit the pass through expense to paper and toner only,” Saba said. “The other expenses will be borne centrally.” 

To promote the new printing system, Saba said Technology Services sent out messages, posted signs and created a video tutorial and support document. 

For the first two weeks, level one of the library, where the Technology Support Center is located, was staffed to assist with printing and troubleshoot, Saba said. 

“With the upgraded system, support and refunds should go more smoothly,” Saba said. 

The HuskyPrint Website provides a list of where the HuskyPrint system is available to use at the Storrs campus, including the Homer Babbidge Library, Wilbur Cross and regional campuses. 

 Olivia Hickey is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at


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