Omelettes, Quesadillas and Crocs: Oh my!


A mysterious person at the University of Connecticut cracked some eggs in lecture this past Friday.  

The Instagram page @blacksheepuconn posted a video of the student making an omelette on Friday, saying a student has “found the perfect solution” after skipping breakfast. The video has received 6,761 views as of reporting on the Instagram page and was prominently featured on the Storrs, Connecticut, Snapchat story.   

Sunny Sarker, a fifth-semester computer science and engineering major, said he sat right in front of the student in the video. Sarker said the student pulled out a mini electric stove from under his seat during Professor John Ayer’s electrical circuits lecture and started to add oil and crack eggs in his seat. 

“I was personally annoyed a little [bit] that it was happening right behind me as I was taking notes, because we have a big exam coming up, but on the other hand I’m glad I got to witness such a legendary, meme-worthy moment in that class’ history,” Sarker said.  

Joseph Lee, a third-semester electrical engineering major, said he was sitting next to the student and got unexpectedly involved with the making of the omelette.   

“Later in the class, he asked me to hold onto his grill for a moment and proceeded to put it on my desk,” Lee said. “Then, he pulled out salt and pepper grinders to season up his omelette with. At this point, I could only laugh and chuckle to myself as I tried taking notes while this comedian fried an egg in front of me.”  

Once the student finished adding in his toppings, he proceeded to try and find a fork, said fifth-semester biomedical engineering major Nick Tauken. Another student in the class had a metal spoon, but that wasn’t good enough for the omelette chef, Tauken said. 

“Right away I thought, ‘this kid’s an animal.’” Tauken said. “I took out my phone and started taking videos and was pretty close to asking him if he could share, since it was enough eggs to feed a family of five.”  

Once the student could not find a fork, Lee said the student left the lecture hall with only “a red solo cup of empty eggshells and a whole lot of laughs from the students in the class.”   

“I was pretty surprised, because it isn’t every day that a guy cooks an omelette in your lecture, but I went along with it because I’m in college now—anything can happen,” Lee said.  

The same student was seen making a quesadilla in Professor Eugene Pinkhassik’s organic chemistry lecture later that same day, Andrew King, a third-semester biological sciences major, said. 

King said he was amused when Pinkhassik related the melting cheese to the lecture.  

“[Pinhassik] asked him if he was using cheese that had trans-fats and relating that back to the differences between cis and trans carbon chains,” King said. “It was definitely fun to watch, but I don’t think anyone was focused on orgo for the rest of the lecture.”  

Fiona Pare, a third-semester physiological and neurobiological sciences major, said that she was in disbelief during the class.  

“Once I realized he was there, he said he was really hungry and decided to make this quesadilla,” Pare said. “He then said, ‘I forgot my guac. Does anyone have [guacamole]? No? I have to go back and get it. I’ll be back in 10 minutes.’”  

The only identifying thing about this student is that he has been seen wearing a child-size black croc around his neck on a string. None of the students who were interviewed for this article knew the student.   

Tauken said that even if he never learns who did it, he will never forget this incident.  

“Skipping breakfast is tough so sometimes you’ve got to multitask.” Tauken said. “It takes a special person to wake up and say, ‘I’m going to cook eggs in lecture today.’” 

Thumbnail Photo by Igor Miske on Unsplash

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