A guide to mid-year room changes 


South Campus is home to many suite style dorms. If students are looking to make mid-year room changes, this is the time to do it.  File Photo / The Daily Campus

South Campus is home to many suite style dorms. If students are looking to make mid-year room changes, this is the time to do it. File Photo / The Daily Campus

Students who wish to submit an application for a mid-year room change can do so on MyHousing between Oct. 21 and Nov. 15, according to the Residential Life website.  

Students have the option of trading spaces or changing rooms during the mid-year room change process for the Storrs campus, according to the Residential Life website. Room changes offer students the option to move into an open spot. 

“They can request a specific non-single or open room space if they know that space will be open for the spring semester, and they need to do that on their application by Nov. 8,” Interim Assistant Director of Housing Services Vincent Walker said. “For most students that apply for the room change process, they will select their space Dec. 3-6.” 

The new trading spaces process allows students to swap rooms, according to the Residential Life website. This process requires both students to email livingoncampus@uconn.edu with their name and student number, as well as the name and student number of the person they are trading rooms with, and the room that they wish to move into. Residential Life staff will then reach out when both students have submitted a request.  

“The other thing that students should know is that the best place for information about the process is the ResLife website,” Walker said. “We want participants in the process to understand that the spaces available in selection are what we have available for the Spring semester as of that moment. We can only put in spaces that students have already canceled from or are currently open for the spring and because of this single, apartment and suite spaces may be limited.” 

The online pick times for room changes will be available to view on Nov. 21, according to the website. For students who know of an open room and would like to submit a specific room request, they should do so by Nov. 8. Students select housing on their own, and cannot pull other students in to live together. 

“When students select they are not able to pull in another student with them, so they would either have to select at the same time and find an open room or if a student knew of an open space for the spring semester that their friend was already living in they could specifically request that space on their application,” Walker said. “The great thing about this process is that a student can select more than once during the selection period, this allows a student to really shop around for the best space for them.” 

For students wishing to cancel their Spring 2020 housing, they can do so on the MyHousing website by filling out the Cancel Your Spring 2020 Housing application, according to the Residential Life website.  

“If a student is planning to continue enrollment at Storrs and live off-campus for the Spring 2020 they should review the cancellation policy,” Walker said. “Students can apply for a Contract Release if they have had a change in Student Status (Full to Part time) or a significant financial or medical change since they have signed their housing contract.”  

Students with questions about the process should contact Residential Life at livingoncampus@uconn.edu, Walker said.  

“We are happy to work and consult with students on their specific situations and we will try to help as best as we can without hindering the integrity of the whole process,” Walker said. 

EllieAnn Lesko is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached by email at ellieann.lesko@uconn.edu.

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