Meet the new, but maybe not-so-improved, ‘Jack Ryan: Season 2’


When Tom Clancy’s “Jack Ryan” hit Amazon Prime for the first time in August 2018, it was an instant hit. People everywhere couldn’t stop binging what seemed like the perfect political-thriller web television series. Whether you were watching it because of the intense plot, or just for the sheer brilliance of John Krasinski’s acting, (who plays Ryan in the Prime series) you were instantly captivated. The first season ended on a high note, leaving fans eagerly excited for the next.  

The second season of “Jack Ryan” premiered last Friday and to much disappointment, was somewhat lackluster. The first episode picks up somewhere after all the dust settles from the prior ending: James Greer holding down his position as Moscow station chief and Jack Ryan making his way to Venezuela alongside a U.S. diplomat. Being pulled by a ravishing discovery, Greer ultimately collides with Ryan in Venezuela once again reuniting the dynamic duo we grew to love in season one. The season follows both Ryan and Greer as they take part in a violent and brutal search for illegal activities occurring in Venezuela under the direction of the country’s corrupt leader, President Reyes. Viewers watch as Greer gets kidnapped by Venezualean military, forcing Ryan to choose between staying to save him or returning to the states, somewhat unharmed. As the season continues, the plot thickens, taking many twists and turns that, based on the first season, viewers were definitely not expecting. The last episode once again ends on a cliffhanger, with Ryan back in the U.S. having a conversation with a senator which ends with Ryan calling the police and having him arrested. For what? Well we’ll just have to wait to find out.  

When the show first debuted, viewers fell in love with the idea that Jack Ryan wasn’t your typical CIA agent. He was portrayed as a regular man, who just so happened to work for the U.S. government. They loved how he cared about the details of every case, using his mind rather than his gun to get to the bottom of what seemed impossible. In the most recent season, all of this seemed to take a backseat to violence, leaving many disappointed and utterly underwhelmed. Many felt like this season was too focused on brutality, something we don’t need more of in the world we live in today. Ryan’s brilliant mind seemed to be brushed under the rug, only really making an appearance in the last episode during his conversation with the senator. Along with this, the show never really seemed to “take off,” meaning it felt like the plot was going in circles, all revolving around one character: President Reyes.  

With all of this being said, even though this may not have been their most successful season, Jack Ryan still won me over. Krasinski’s acting never flopped, ensuring that his viewers were captivated every time he was on camera. And to many viewers delight, we will see Jack Ryan again when he comes back better than ever in the already contracted season three.  

Rating: 3/5

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