UConn alumnus explores hope with his new album


UConn journalist and Daily Campus alumni, Brett Steinberg, released his first album as a solo artist on Oct. 29 “It Comes in Waves & When It’s Here I’ll Know,” a record that is an exploration of his life through the past two years. 

The album is a record focused on hope and inspiration. It explores the ups and downs of life and finding hope, even in the darkest times. Within the track names there is a hidden message that says “YOU WILL / BE OKAY,” which is split between the opening and closing tracks. 

“I wanted the record to ultimately skew toward hope, with all the ups and downs there’s a lot to take comfort in,” Steinberg said.  

The album’s name was in the message of hope and a positive outlook to life with its triumphs and tribulations. Feelings can often be described as coming to people in waves, and that is what is portrayed in the album title.  

“I was thinking about whatever throughline comes through the songs, and the common denominator between all of them seems to be not only my emotional state but those around me,” Steinberg said. 

The photograph used in the album cover also conveys a sort of yin and yang symbol to life. It incorporates both light and darkness.  

“It has that cool dichotomy that mixes light with gray and I think life reflects that,” Steinberg said. 

Steinberg was previously in a band called Kalimur with one of his best friends Tyler John, who also went to UConn. The band released multiple records and played venues in different parts of Connecticut.  

Steinberg now goes by the stage name Brett Cameron, which is currently what he has marketed on his social media and music streaming platforms. Steinberg said he didn’t intend on making a full record with this project until this summer. The original thought was to release singles due to the streaming culture and decrease in album sales. He said Tyler’s record with his project “Between Giants” inspired him to release a full album, regardless of the streaming culture. 

John and Steinberg still work together musically in various ways. Tyler plays guitar in live performances with Steinberg and they have a duo project together called “Lost/Alive.” They also support each other in their music endeavors because, as Steinberg said, they are best friends before anything else. 

Steinberg said the main difference between a band project and a solo project was the type of control he had over the content and less collaboration. He said even though there isn’t a direct collaboration, there are relationships he has formed with other musicians who can give him feedback on songs or lyrics. Steinberg said that there is comradery among his band that performs with him during concerts.  

Steinberg currently balances his musical career with his teaching career in Greenwich, Connecticut. He plays gigs often in both Connecticut and New York City. He said he spends many days out of the week commuting into the city for different things related to his music career, such as shows and working with other musicians. 

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @brettcameronmusic Instagram.

Madison Appleby is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at madison.appleby@uconn.edu

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