Miranda Lambert comes in HOT with new country, rock-n-roll mashup album


On Nov. 1, 2019 Miranda Lambert dropped what is arguably her best and most diverse album yet, “Wildcard.” With a variety of songs ranging from true-to-her roots country to new and improved rock-n-roll, this album is sure to please everyone.  

It’s been three years since Lambert released her last album, “The Weight of These Wings,” filled with both heavy country ballads and tear-jerking personal anthems. Whether you connected with her when she was singing about her break-up with former husband Blake Shelton, or felt her pain when she was talking about him being her “Vice,” this album has something everyone could relate to.  

“Wildcard,” Miranda Lambert’s seventh album shows a shocking but delighting new side. Unlike many of her previous albums, this one is almost entirely based on rock-n-roll, filled with loud drum solos and harsh electric guitar riffs.  

The empowering hit “It All Comes Out in the Wash” is the perfect balance of country and rock-n-roll. It’s filled with a powerful yet subtle rock drum undertone that when accompanied with Lambert’s natural twang fills your ears with a truly magical sound. Along with this, Lambert also includes songs such as “Holy Water” which are almost entirely country — something her fans have grown to love over the years. It starts out with a grassroots guitar solo that leads directly into Lambert singing about church and “holy water [making] us drown,” a topic that is often touched upon in country music.  

As you near the end of her album, you stumble upon “Dark Bars,” a soft simple and oh-so-traditional Miranda Lambert ballad. The song opens with an easy acoustic guitar solo that slowly becomes accompanied by a variety of other instruments that, when played in unison, create the perfect harmony. Lambert continues to sing on about how she “no longer feels pain but still hides out in dark bars” creating a sense of comfort among her listeners.  

Lambert’s seventh album, “Wildcard” is everything her fans didn’t know they needed. It covers a somewhat wide terrain of music, mainly rock-n-roll, while also satisfying the traditionalists with her popular country ballads. The entanglement of country and rock-n-roll only diversifies Lambert, and makes a statement that even though she is known as a country artist, she is capable of so much more. And her fans are here for it.  

Rating: 4/5 

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @mirandalambert Instagram.

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