Meyers on lobby babies, politics and marriage 


Seth Meyers’ new comedy special “Lobby Baby” hit Netflix on Tuesday with fresh takes on all the traditional comedic topics, including children, politics and marriage, which will leave you cackling. 

While parent comedians often joke about how silly their baby is or how dumb their kid acts, Meyers refreshingly focused on his own faults as a parent, especially regarding the births of his two sons. Despite his first-born’s near-birth experience in the backseat of an Uber, with his wife shouting “I do not like this” out the window to uncaring New Yorkers crossing the street, Meyers and his wife somehow managed to give birth to their second child in the lobby of their apartment building. When her contractions began to escalate as they made their way out of the building, Meyers’ wife calmly informed him, “The baby is here.” 

“From the people who brought you, ‘I do not like this …’” Meyers joked. “‘The baby is here.’” 

He then went on to describe how his wife delivered the baby herself, or in his words, how she “Lion-Kinged” it out of her body — acting as both Simba’s mom giving birth and Rafiki raising the baby up for all to see. All of which happened while Meyers cowered in the corner, looking through his phone for the doctor’s number even though he never added it, despite his wife reminding him to for nine months. He joked that his newborn son must’ve looked around at all the firemen and policemen that showed up in the lobby after he was born, hoping one of them was his father. 

“Man, I really hope my dad is one of these 12 kick-ass dudes,” Meyers said. “Not that scared guy in the corner. Looking in a phone for a number he knows isn’t there.” 

Meyers’ titular “Lobby Baby” bit took up a large portion of the hour-long show, but his other bits were by no means overshadowed by it. One thing that differed in Meyers’ show from others like it, beyond the content of his jokes, was a button Netflix supplied for viewers who would rather skip his politics segment. After introducing the button to viewers, he immediately jumped into how Trump’s presidency has benefited him comically. He compared it to the success of a gravedigger during the plague. In response to people asking his gravedigger persona how good this plague must be for his business, he said he would feel obligated to respond: “Well, obviously, we’re very upset about the plague,” Meyers said. “But it has been very good for me. It’s been very good for business, really. We had to open a second location.” 

Those who skipped the politics segment were greeted by Meyers acting as if his segment had been completely pro-Trump. 

“So, I guess my point is I misjudged him and I do think he’s a very good president,” Meyers said. 

Meyers’ concluding segment, which was by far his most hilarious, was the twist on the old make-fun-of-your-spouse fallback humor. Rather than tease his OCD wife for the remainder of his show, he instead pretended to be his wife doing a comedy show where she made fun of him.  

His “wife” complained about her husband’s “no-CD” and his inability to do anything for himself. She said that sometimes he looks for yogurt in their refrigerator and she has to come over and grab it from its very obvious position on the shelf for him, and that over time this has made him afraid to ask her for help finding it. After teasing him about the yogurt for a minute, Meyers’ “wife” conceded to the audience that every 10th time he asked about the yogurt, she had just forgotten they were out and hadn’t replaced it. 

“And so, he’ll just stand there with the refrigerator door open looking for yogurt that is not there,” Meyers said. 

Meyers backed his jokes up with John Mulaney-type voices and wild gesticulations, often pausing for effect and looking at his audience with wide, laughing eyes. Judging by the intense laughter of his Minneapolis audience and the complete hilarity of his segments, he absolutely killed it. If you need some cheering up or just want a laugh, I highly recommend checking out “Lobby Baby.” 

Rating: 4.35/5 

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