Who is the Nasty Cherry Band? Netflix’s new series tells all


Four girls have stayed hidden in the shadows of the pop-music industry for over a year now. If you follow CharliXCX, there is no doubt you’ve noticed the spike in her use of cherry emojis and a group of girls she is constantly hanging out with. With all these breadcrumbs, one has to ask: Who is the Nasty Cherry Band?  

If you ever daydreamed of forming a band, you can now live vicariously through Netflix’s newest docuseries, “I’m With The Band: Nasty Cherry,” which premiered Nov. 15. The six-part show follows four strangers who live under the same roof in LA and are mentored by none other than CharliXCX to create an epic girl band. 

The show follows the four girls of the Nasty Cherry Band through the highs and lows of emerging into the music industry: From friendship drama to challenges during band practice. The band consists of lead singer Gabriette Bechtel, guitarist Chloe Chaidez, bassist Georgia Somary and drummer Debbie Knox-Hewson. 

Although the members of the Nasty Cherry Band were carefully chosen by CharliXCX, some of the girls had little to no experience with music. Somary did not know how to play the bass until she got there and Bechtel had no formal singing experience. On the opposite side of the spectrum, Chaidez put her own chart-topping band “Kitten” on the backburner for this project.  

CharliXCX said her inspiration to create this project was to emphasize women in musician and artist roles.  

“I feel like now more than ever is such a great time to see women in control and making exciting and powerful work,” CharliXCX said in a sit down interview on the series. “I wish when I was 14, there was a band like Nasty Cherry: unashamedly human, real and also badass.” 

Although the series seems straight out of MTV’s glory days, trust me when I say this show sucks you in. You can feel the girls’ tension through the screen and wonder if this fever-dream will really work. Throughout the show, the girls go from one challenge to another: From writing their own songs on the spot at a launch party to working with multi-million dollar producers. Tensions keep the girls (and viewers) on edge wondering if the Nasty Cherry Band will live up to its hype or end up with a Fleetwood Mac-style breakup.  

Alongside the show’s addictive girl-power, the Nasty Cherry Band has the right amount of punk-princess flair that once ruled the music industry. With 80s synth beats on “What Do You Like In Me” and rambunctious lyrics on “Music With Your Dad,” you’ll want to go on a psychedelic roller-skating rampage. The group’s songwriting style and fashion sense also screams Debbie Harry and Pat Bennetar vibes, with a sprinkle of CharliXCX’s influence mixed in for good measure.  

With the perfect potion of MTV-style drama, good music and girl power, this series will leave you finger-drumming along even after you’ve finished watching.  

Rating 3.5/5   

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