Harry Styles’ new music introduces an era of self-expression


Harry Styles surprised fans with his new song, “Watermelon Sugar” Styles’ new album “Fine Line” will be released on Dec. 13, 2019.  Photo courtesy of    diymag.com

Harry Styles surprised fans with his new song, “Watermelon Sugar” Styles’ new album “Fine Line” will be released on Dec. 13, 2019. Photo courtesy of diymag.com

Last Saturday, Harry Styles surprised fans by dropping a new song titled “Watermelon Sugar.” Twitter went berserk, with former One Direction fan accounts freaking out over the fact their king has returned. Two years after the success of “Harry Styles” Styles only began hinting about a new album this past month. His music video for “Lights Up” was uploaded on Oct. 10 and three days prior to the release of “Watermelon Sugar,” Styles posted a series of tweets announcing his 2020 tour, confirming speculation. 

 On Oct. 22, Styles tweeted, “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run.” The anticipation was real and fans were not disappointed. Unlike his previous work, “Watermelon Sugar” carries an almost sensual tone. The song immediately starts out with Styles’ heavenly voice carried by a smooth guitar riff continued throughout. With a great drum beat and the charismatic impact of loud trumpets at certain points, “Watermelon Sugar” surely brings the best out of summer into November.  

Styles clearly has a lot on his plate right now with everyone buzzing about his upcoming album, “Fine Line” on Dec. 13 and his tour starting summer 2020. Apart from his typical audience of teenage fangirls, Styles has also attracted the attention of an older demographic through his guest appearance on Saturday Night Live last week. People were impressed not only by his wit and charm, but also his ability to adapt to comedic sketches, a talent not easily assumed of a teen idol.  

One can say that Harry Styles is out to take over the world, not only captivating the hearts of young girls, but the general public through his various acts accompanying his music. Instead, I see it as his way of expressing himself to the fullest. By distancing himself from his image as One Direction heartthrob, Styles has been able to define his solo career through his own work which includes not only music, but also fashion. His display of extravagant suits, heeled shoes and bell-bottoms became a statement of his identity apart from the band; an androgynous style comparable to that of David Bowie. 

Ever since his affiliation with One Direction, the subject of Styles’ sexuality has been one of great speculation. There were even rumors of him having a relationship with fellow band member, Louis Tomlinson, a story that took a toll on their friendship as Tomlinson later stated. Perhaps it was gossip like this that prevented Styles from initially expressing his true colors. 

We can all agree assuming someone’s sexual orientation is in no way appropriate or respectful in any context and I’m just proud Styles got past that. Seeing him onstage, dancing to his own music with his nails colorfully painted blue and pink is an image I hope to see more often. No matter how invested you are in his music, there is no denying that Styles is introducing a new era by bringing more of himself with it. 

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