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The beta interface of the newly launched GogoDoggo ridesharing app.  All photos courtesy of Andi Duro.

The beta interface of the newly launched GogoDoggo ridesharing app. All photos courtesy of Andi Duro.

A ridesharing app designed for the University of Connecticut Storrs campus, GogoDoggo, has officially launched, Andi Duro, GogoDoggo’s founder and fifth-semester computer science major, said.

The app went live on iOS Nov. 18 and on Google Play Nov. 21. Once the app receives 300 users, the app will begin rides, Duro said. They were at around 120 users as of Nov. 21.  

Since the app was in its beta phrase, GogoDoggo has added 12 new locations for places of worship and other local areas.  

“We are adding the 12 religious locations above as well as double checking our coverage of residential halls and academic buildings,” Duro said. “We have also added the two major campus bars, Ted’s and Huskies. I am working with local businesses directly to make sure they are adequately represented on the map.”  

The Daily Campus previously reported all rides on campus will be $1 per head. For every mile off-campus, an additional dollar will be added to the bill.

No rides have been completed yet, but GogoDoggo has been running mock drives to make sure drivers will be ready, Duro said.  

“We have been doing a lot of simulations and closed off tests to make sure the system is ready for prime time once we hit 300,” Duro said. “The current app on the App Store is capable of requesting rides once that functionality is remotely enabled [and] no further updates required.” 

If someone wants to become a driver, they must pass specific driver and vehicle requirements, The Daily Campus previously reported. Duro said GogoDoggo currently has three drives ready and are reviewing applications. Anyone who is interested in becoming a driver can apply on the GogoDoggo website.  

In addition to the App Store and Google Play, it can also be downloaded from the GogoDoggo website

Rachel Philipson is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at rachel.philipson@uconn.edu.

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