New semester resolutions roundtable


The start of a new year and a new semester call for some resolutions. Three Life writers share their goals for the spring semester: 

Jordana Castelli

Campus Correspondent

Photo by     from     Pexels

Photo by from Pexels

I can never decide if the beginning of the semester is a stressful or exciting time. Stressful because a mountain of work awaits me in the future, but exciting because it’s a fresh start to try things a different way. Setting goals is my way of justifying the mistakes I made in the past and then, of course, fixing them. One year ago, I had finally finished a dreadful psychology course that left my GPA in shreds. Ever since that moment I knew I needed to make a change and have a specific goal to strive for. I decided on a numerical GPA number that I would work towards all semester long. I imagined this would have made me more stressed, but instead it did the opposite. I felt motivated to keep studying when I wanted to go to bed and instead of risking a lousy grade on an essay, I’d go to the W-Center and revise before handing it in. This number that was looming over my head gave me that extra push to try even harder. Trust me when I tell you this — the moment you see those digits on your transcript will be the most rewarding moment of the semester. So I urge you, set yourself an academic numerical goal and reap the results!  

Daniel Cohn

Staff Writer

Photo by     Ady April     from     Pexels

Photo by Ady April from Pexels

 It’s terrifying how nearly all of the adults in my life (real adults, not us) keep telling me to cherish my last semester of college with everything I have. I know they’re right, and I will (spoilers: that’s my goal), but is post-college that dreadful? I sure hope not, since I’ll be right in the thick of it in four months. But in the here and now, I want to soak up as much as I can from UConn while I’m still here. I want to strengthen the bonds that I’ve created since I was thrust into this cow town back in 2017. I want to pet Jonathan XIII – XIV too, but XIII (the white one) deserves some love. I want to finally eat at Whitney Dining Hall, the only one I haven’t eaten at yet. But above all, I want to take risks. UConn is a theme park – one that costs tens of thousands of dollars to get through the gate, but a theme park nonetheless – and I plan on taking some coasters before I leave for the day. I don’t mean breaking into Gampel, but we’ll see what happens. I won’t break into Gampel. UConn lawyers, that’s a binding statement. I’ll probably go to some classes too, we’ll see.  

Stephanie Santillo

Staff Writer

Photo by     Ba Phi     from     Pexels

Photo by Ba Phi from Pexels

Since this is my last semester at UConn, my resolution is simply to enjoy myself more and take advantage of all that Storrs has to offer before I graduate in May. I’ve always been a studious, hardworking person, and that’s not going to change during my last semester of undergrad, but I want to take time to slow down and smell the roses. I don’t want my last semester to fly by in a blur of work; I want to hang out with friends, take classes I want to take and just be a carefree kid before graduation bestows adult responsibilities on me. That’s why this semester I decided to take fewer credits, enroll in an independent study about Jane Austen and intern at the Ballard — I’m taking the opportunity to try out new things that I won’t necessarily be able to do after college. Besides lightening my semester workload, I also want to spend as much time as possible with my friends. Now that I’m a senior, I have a great group of friends who I want to hang out with a lot before graduation. Even more, I want to spend as much time as possible with my sister, who is a sophomore here at Storrs. We’re really close and have waited so long to go to college together, and I want to enjoy as much of it as possible with her by my side. I’ve grown a lot in these last few years at UConn, but I haven’t always let myself enjoy being a regular college kid. I want to have an awesome last semester to wrap up my time and do all the things I have not yet gotten a chance to do.  

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