UConn’s history archived through photos 


The “UConn Through the Viewfinder” photography exhibit opened at The William Benton Museum of Art. The exhibition displays photographs from The Connecticut Daily Campus from 1967-1970. 

The exhibition was curated by university archivists Amanda A. Douberley, Betsy Pittman and Graham Stinnett, and featured negatives gifted to the school by photographer Howard Goldbaum. Pittman and Stinnett spoke on the curating process, saying that the hardest part was selecting which photos to use. They had to choose from several thousand negatives that they had been given. 

“We’re trying to tell a story about the times. Of course the late 1960s are a combination of nation and international political issues like Vietnam, national issues around black liberation, [we’re] trying to make sure the incidents around race and racism are documented,” Stinnett said. 

The exhibition also showed a lighter side of life on the University of Connecticut’s  campus during the time. Photos of football games and cheerleaders were also on display.  

“What are kids doing for fun? What’s going on on campus? Where does the administration stand and where do the students stand and where do the faculty stand? You’ll see all three of those components represented in those photographs,” Pittman said. “It’s homecoming, there’s a football and a marching band was out there and cheerleaders but at the same time you have the students protesting in front of the Student Union. It’s in the same time period.” 

Brian Novak, a third-semester English major, enjoyed the dichotomy between the photos showing protests and the one’s showing daily life on campus. 

“It’s very relatable to our current times. There are a lot of major events going on today but we still have to take it one day at a time and enjoy our time here,’’ Novak said. 

Pittman and Graham wanted students who see the exhibition to relate to the photos. 

Edison Escobar is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at edison.escobar@uconn.edu.

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