Springing into the semester with the Involvement Fair


A photo of booths at the involvement fair held February 5th in Gampel Pavilion.  Photo by Julie Spillane/The Daily Campus

A photo of booths at the involvement fair held February 5th in Gampel Pavilion. Photo by Julie Spillane/The Daily Campus

With such a large and diverse student body, UConn is bound to have an equally large and diverse group of organizations and clubs to cater to the community. Along with the extensive Involvement Fair in the fall, the spring semester Involvement Fair is a great way to quite literally see all that the university has to offer. Yesterday afternoon, Gampel Pavilion was bustling with students tabling for their respective clubs and organizations. 

“I usually come to the Involvement Fair to help out with the clubs I’m part of,” Dylan Demoura, a sixth-semester political science and history major, said. “I definitely think the fall one is better because it’s outside and there’s more room … but it’s cool it’s in Gampel. I always try to walk around, see what’s new, even as a junior.” 

As students entered Gampel, they were able to pick up a map and directory of all the student organizations and programs that they could check out. The different categories include religion and spirituality; political interest; tech building and design; academic business; academic healthcare; activism and advocacy; academic STEM; club sports teams; creating and crafting; culture and community; dance, vocal and music performance; environment and agriculture; Greek fraternities and sororities; Honors; health and wellness; university programs; service; student government and campus media and sports and gaming. 

“It’s not very often that all, or close to all, of the groups at UConn come to one spot to advertise so if you’re really looking to get involved, this is a phenomenal place to kind of see what’s available,” Nandan Tumu, an eighth-semester computer science major, said. He was at the fair to represent the UConn Consulting Group. 

From more visible groups on campus that you’ve probably seen before, like the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) and the Women’s Center, to smaller groups like the Nintendo Club and Paint Club, organizations big and small encouraged students to join them. 

“We’re looking for new members that are really excited and engaged,” Will Schad, a fourth-semester political major, said. He was at the fair to represent Travel Model United Nations. “We go to a few conferences every semester [where] we send usually 8 people and they debate, come to solutions about modern and historical issues with people all over the country. The Involvement Fair is always a really great opportunity to spread the club around.” 

There were a little close quarters for clubs and their tables, but students volunteering took it all in stride, calling out to students walking by and engaging interested passerby. 

“I think the involvement fair is a great way to see all the clubs at UConn,” Megan Russell, a fourth-semester statistics major, said. “Even if it’s not something you’re interested in, you get to see what UConn has to offer.” 

Hollie Lao is a staff writer and the social media manager for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at hollianne.lao@uconn.edu.

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