Valentine’s Day Survey Stories


We asked our fellow Huskies for their sex stories on our annual survey. Needless to say, there are some steamy ones.  Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran.

We asked our fellow Huskies for their sex stories on our annual survey. Needless to say, there are some steamy ones. Illustration by Kaitlyn Tran.

I was having sex with this guy and as we were changing positions he grabs his phone and put his flashlight right up my vagina without consent because he wanted to check to make sure there was no shit. He said the last girl he had sex with “had shit between her cheeks and didn’t want the same thing to happen” needless to say I did not stay for much longer. 


Been slapped in the face with a penis by accident. 


My girlfriend and I had our first date at the Cats movie and we’re still together.  


In high school my nudes got sent to the iCloud and ended up on my boyfriend’s mom’s iPad… 


I once had sex with a guy outside and right after he finished he got up and ran away into the woods 


Hooking up with an ex-girlfriend while on vacation in South America, we met up for a few drinks and when we were done, she asked me what should we do next, and I casually asked if she wanted to relive old times and she agreed. We met up once more a week before I returned. Months later she tells me she is pregnant and at the time I was on my 2nd semester after having gone back to school so I began to panic until she told me that it wasn’t mine and that she had been dating someone for the past year and a half. 


Once I was having sex with my ex boyfriend in his basement and his mom walked in on us as soon as he was finishing inside me. We were on his grandmothers couch that they got when she passed away 


My girlfriend and I had so much sex, that I ended up tearing a part of my foreskin and needed to have surgery so that it wouldn’t hurt when we had sex in the future  


Dated a guy who went to UConn Med. Was about to go on our second date. Found out he had a girlfriend in a different state and she called me asking who I was. He later cancelled the date claiming he had to work. It was a Saturday night.  


One time I had sex with a guy I met on Bumble and he thanked me afterwards. I didn’t know what to say to him. 


Once, I was having sex in the Student Union and mid penetration, one of the janitors started to unlock the door (to come in and vacuum). I shushed my hookup and yelled “I’m changing in here please don’t come in! No need to clean!” By this point, I had managed to put on some underwear and pushed my hookup to the other side of the room. The janitor opened the door anyways, peered inside, saw me in my underwear (and not my hookup), started frantically apologizing, and closed the door – all without seeing my hookup.  


Had a one night stand with a basketball player, and while I was preforming oral he started scrolling through twitter. Then justified it by saying “I’d never understand” …..  


Accidental threeway: One time I was showing my dorm neighbor my sex toy collection and one thing led to another and we ended up on the floor completely naked going at it. Then all of a sudden her roommate walks in and I was expecting the most embarrassing moment of my life but then they decided to join! It was my most porn-y experience ever.  


Was doing it with a boy in my dorm room… got walked in by my roommate… and her mother and little brother. I couldn’t stop laughing! They were so shocked, while my roommate was completely unphased! Life is ridiculous. 


1) Freshman year, I slept with my Orgo Lab TA. I’m a senior now and he still hits me up. 

2) I think I must be barren because I’ve had sex regularly for the past 5 years with an assortment of men and no protection and I haven’t gotten pregnant yet. 

3) The chefs that work for Dining Services are the WILDEST in bed. The food may be bland but the sex is SPICY. 

4) I could not stand this guy for the longest time, but he just kept showing up where I worked and talking to me. One day he walked me home and kissed me and I accepted that this was my life now. I started liking him a few months after we started dating. 

5) I accidentally killed this guy’s fish, but we still dated for a year after that.  

6) The first time I went to my man’s house to meet his family, I got alcohol poisoning and threw up all over the place.  


I rented an airbnb with my girlfriend after coming home from school. Needless to say we took full advantage of the bed that was provided. We were so loud that the owners of the airbnb thought we were getting robbed and called the cops.  


1. Walked across campus on a Saturday to hookup with an RA on duty… on my birthday 

2. Had sex in my friend’s dorm while she was asleep in the other bed 

3. Hooked up with my middle school ex 4 years after we broke up, best head I’ve ever had 


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