Cloud9’s impeccable season continues


A person playing a video game on their computer. This week, League of Legends team Cloud9 continued their undefeated season and are now ranked No. 1 overall.  Photo courtesy of Emmanuel via Unsplash

A person playing a video game on their computer. This week, League of Legends team Cloud9 continued their undefeated season and are now ranked No. 1 overall. Photo courtesy of Emmanuel via Unsplash

Cloud9 finishes the first half of the season 10-0 

Cloud9’s historically dominant undefeated season is still going. The No. 1 North American League of Legends team closed out the fifth week of play with another 2-0 record, convincingly beating both CLG and Immortals en route to a 10-0 record. Their first five weeks have been a period of absolute dominance; the team has yet to lose a midlane tier-one turret. Zven, the team’s Attack Damage Carry or ADC, has died three times in 10 games, and every player on the team has looked like the best in their position in North America. While questions still remain, there is no doubt that Cloud9 has had the best half-split in the history of North American League. If they keep this dominance up, there’s no question that they will be without question the best North American team in the history of League of Legends. 

LCK closes to media after coronavirus fears  

Ashley Kang, a freelance reporter for ESPN who covers the LCK, reported on Tuesday that the media room would be indefinitely closed. This followed a coronavirus concern early last week after host Kim Min-ah was found to have a fever. Despite her later being cleared, officials seem to be taking no chances after Korea’s recent outbreaks, which caused the National Threat Alert Level to be raised to the highest it can be.

Gen.G, T1 claim top of standings as DragonX falters  

Last week, T1 once again showed why their struggling start was a fluke. They beat both Kingzone DragonX and APK Prince. While APK has had a difficult start to the season, currently sitting at 1-5 after a shaky win over the other bottom team, Kt Rolster. Somewhat ironically, KT’s one win of the season is over Afreeca Freecs, who are currently tied with DragonX at 4-2 and No. 3. DragonX’s fantastic start to the season was damaged last week when they lost two close 2-1 series to T1 and Gen.G. While these losses are understandable given those teams’ positions at the top of the standings, it was still a disappointing series of losses that mean DragonX will be looking to bounce back this week.  

Despite loss, hopes high for Team Liquid 

The start of the season has not been kind to North America’s four-time-in-a-row champions, Team Liquid. An abysmal start to the season was made worse by visa issues that kept the team’s new jungler Broxah out of the country for the first four games. And while their Week 5 started poorly, finishing out the first half of the split with a loss to Evil Geniuses, the team did manage to put on a performance against Dignitas that was very impressive. Dignitas drafted an aggressive team composition with Pantheon for toplaner Huni, but Team Liquid’s coordination finally showed through as they won a few fights early that secured all the momentum they’d need to win the game.  

Europe’s standings close headed into the second half 

As the second half of Europe’s split begins, the standings are far closer than in North America. Currently, Fnatic, Misfits, G2, and Origen are all tied at 7-3, while MAD Lions and Rogue are just behind them at 6-4. Even the team below them, Excel Esports, is 5-5. This means that the playoff race is still incredibly close as teams head into the last four weeks. This week, G2 once again lost, this time in a bloody game to MAD Lions that saw top laner Wunder end up at 0-5-3. Fnatic’s 2-0 week has brought them into the tie, as Misfits lost a game to Rogue and Rogue lost a game to Fnatic. These games against other top teams could end up being critical, as the tiebreaker for playoffs is their record against each other. Were Rogue to tie with Misfits in the end, their 2-0 record might make all the difference.   

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