Brunch? Where? The Wooden Spoon


As we visit more brunch spots, we slowly move further and further from campus. This may make these more distant places a deal breaker to some — particularly those without a car. We assert every place still deserves consideration, though. After all, variety is the spice of life. With that in mind, we ventured this week to The Wooden Spoon, located about 15 minutes out from campus in Ashford.  

Photo provided by the author

Photo provided by the author

Entering The Wooden Spoon, we were greeted by ‘50s doo-wop and wall hangings. This restaurant wears nostalgia on its sleeve, evident from the many posters of vintage movies, music and scenery. After being seated toward the kitchen, we were almost immediately offered coffee from a friendly server. We looked at the laminated brochure-style menus with eagerness. 

While The Wooden Spoon closes early at just 1 p.m., there was a decent offering of both breakfast and lunch. At the top of the menu — and additionally in a display on the table — were the specials, some of which regularly rotate. We ordered the western egg sandwich, eggs Benedict, home fries and homemade hash.  

The coffee itself was okay. Averagely priced at two bucks with refill, the coffee definitely had a distinct flavor. However, it tasted as if too many coffee grinds were used in brewing the pot. While this isn’t an intrinsically good or bad thing, it had a bit too full of a flavor for our tastes. 

We did not have to ponder the coffee for too long, though. Our food came out very quickly, which was very much appreciated on such a brisk morning. We dug in right away. 

The western egg sandwich was hearty and stacked. What stuck out the most was how much food there was: Eggs were piled high on the bagel, with peppers and onion and cheese interspersed. When bitten into, all the yoke and cheese ran, delicious and satisfying. The bagel was a little soft given how much sandwich content there was, but this was a very filling meal for the five dollars it cost. 

Photo provided by the author

Photo provided by the author

The home fries were thick and starchy. While the outside was crisp, the inside was reminiscent of a french fry, very soft and fluffy. They were not particularly seasoned. This made for an odd effect: While they had a nice texture, there was no real taste to them. Trying to put hot sauce or salt on top did little, as neither were able to really get through to the inside. In all, the home fries fell into a weird gray zone, where they were definitely well-made but nothing really exciting to eat.  

The eggs Benedict with Canadian bacon and a side of homemade hash was good. This restaurant prepared their hash in a way not tried yet for this column. Instead of clumped together like usual, this hash was loose, a cooked toss if you will. The mix of onions, potatoes and shredded corned beef were a tasty addition to the Benedict. The Benedict tasted like eggs benedict, a compliment in itself since it’s a tasty brunch dish. It was fairly priced at $8.99. The hash was extra, as expected, but regardless a good price for this meal. 

The Wooden Spoon had all the standard brunch favorites. It featured a simple but unified vision with the throwback decor. It’s located in a nice secluded area, far off from the mundanity of campus. The pricing for the entire meal was solid, especially taking into account the value proposition of it all. But among all these positives, the overall experience felt as though it was missing something almost imperceptible. Check this place out if you’re in the area, of course. However, it may not stay in your regular brunch rotation for very long. 

Olivia Hickey is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at She tweets @oliviahickeytv.

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