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As February came to a close with Leap Day over the weekend and a new month swept in with a cool and blue-skied promise of spring, it is once again time for Netflix, our reliable past-time companion, to prepare to update its collection of our favorite original series, movies and television shows. Beginning as early as March 1, Netflix planned to add major new content that will be sure to please. From major cinematic hits to original comedy specials, films and even some childhood nostalgia sprinkled into the mix, a new streaming opportunity to pique your interest is never far during the month of March.  

Beginning with original content, Netflix will be introducing “Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis” on March 3. In this hour-long comedy special, 20-something Tomlinson bares all on the expectations and pitfalls of life in your twenties as she ventures through all the relationships, drama, and anxiety of the “best years of your life” while dishing out some thoughtful advice along the way.  

If you’re looking for something more thrilling, the Netflix film “Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City” may appeal to you. In this Spanish crime film coming March 6, the expert detective Unai Lopez de Ayala returns to the city of Vitoria-Gasteiz to look into the surfacing of horrific murders which appear to be the work of a known serial killer. This dramatic, new addition is as exciting and engaging as it is a cultural experience, steeped in Spanish lifestyle and mystery.  

Along with these choices, some other new original additions of note are the films “Guilty” and “I Am Jonas,” which will both be featured beginning on March 6, as well the much-anticipated animated short “Sitara: Let Girls Dream” coming on March 8.  

Stepping out of the world of Netflix originals and into the realm of more acclaimed streaming, if you’re interested in broadening your horizons on popular film, be sure to check out the classic mob movie “Goodfellas” as well as the drama based on Stephen King’s work “The Shawshank Redemption,” both of which will be introduced March 1.  

If you find yourself feeling nostalgic this month, Netflix plans to provide with its addition of the classic half-live action/half-animated “Space Jam” and the second installment of “Kung Fu Panda.” Besides these, “Silver Linings Playbook,” the heart-warming comedy starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, will also be making an appearance on March 16. 

Unfortunately for many Netflix viewers, the streaming service will be saying goodbye to favorites like Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther,” “Coraline,” “The Dark Knight,” “Paranormal Activity,” “Kill Bill: Vol.1” (in addition to the second installment) and “Men in Black” among some other notable titles. Even as these popular choices will be leaving the service, the incoming titles will certainly set the stage for a host of exciting streaming opportunities to last us through the month and well beyond.  

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