Harry Styles has us ‘Falling’ for his new music video


Harry Styles performs on NBC's Today show at Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday in New York.  Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision via AP

Harry Styles performs on NBC’s Today show at Rockefeller Plaza on Wednesday in New York. Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision via AP

Since Harry Styles’ newest album debut of “Fine Line” on Dec 13, 2019, he has not disappointed his fans. His most recent music video, for the song “Falling,” depicts heartbreak in a captivating yet simple feeling.  

The video starts off with Styles sitting on the floor, drenched, in a Victorian-themed bathroom. The camera shifts to him lying on a piano chair then to him hovering over a drink on top of the grand piano. Viewers soon see that as he begins to play the grand piano, water starts to pour out of it. The water keeps pouring while Styles sings and plays the piano until the room is filled. By the end of the video, Styles is drowning and starts floating in the room. At the very end of the song he floats back onto his piano chair (still underwater) and his eyes look directly toward the camera.  

“Falling” was one of my favorites off the album. It expresses heartbreak in its simplest form: The feeling of suffocation. My first impression was that the cinematography for the video was stunning. Styles’ outfit choice of his lilac chiffon Gucci dress and trousers really completed the whole aesthetic and was an iconic look that not many can pull off. As the music video starts, you notice the melancholy feeling in the video. The way the director was able to depict the feeling of being overwhelmed with drowning was simple yet got to the point. Styles was literally so devastated that he drowned while playing the piano. The ending of the music video, in my opinion, gives a sense of control as he sits back on the piano and starts to open his eyes directed toward the camera as if he had woken up.  

Ultimately the song is written about his past lover who caused a lot of grief. Styles explained in an interview that heartbreaks can make you feel overwhelmed to the point where you feel like drowning. He says that you can feel like you’re drowning when you are writing a song about your ex-lover, but writing the songs can also be what helps you get over them. 

Grace Blundon, who has never heard any of Styles’ music, thought that the scenery was amazing and that the song was really powerful. But she continued to listen, she felt like she heard similarities between Harry Styles’ “Falling and Pink’s 2017 single “What About Us.”  

Jadah Smith, who has been a fan since Styles’ One Direction days explained,  “The song and music video alike evoked a lot of emotions because the message and deliverance were executed so simply that it felt personal.” 

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