Spring Has Sprung: Fashion staples for spring 2020


The weather has officially reached the 50 degree mark, which means we can all celebrate ditching our heavy parkas for something a bit more fashionable. After what always seems like an unbearably long winter, the first warm day of the year marks the instantaneous liberation of jean shorts that have been living under beds for the past six months. While certain clothing items will always be staples, there are some fun ways to spruce up any spring outfit.  

My absolute favorite spring item will always be a flowy dress. I’m not the type to look through my closet for an hour deciding what to wear, so a staple dress is always an essential. Not only are you done after one step, you can also choose to layer it if it’s a bit chilly out… or if the notorious UConn wind is acting up. They’re even perfect for super hot spring days —  the ideal amount of ventilation means bye-bye to sweaty armpits.  

If a dress isn’t your thing, midi skirts have been appearing everywhere. This retro-inspired look is perfect with any type of shoe; sneakers to dress it down, booties to toughen it up and heels to create a more formal and elegant statement. Forever 21 has a plethora of more affordable options, or if you’re looking for something a bit more high end, head over to Revolve. Midi skirts can be worn for a day running errands in the city, or even as a coverup while out on the beach. 

A small way to bring more edge to any outfit is with sunglasses. People often disregard eyewear because they believe nothing will look good on them. However, when you find the right pair it’s life changing. I recommend investing money into a pair of timeless sunglasses. If you’re buying some because they’re trendy and you most likely won’t wear them for years to come, then steer towards a more affordable option that won’t be as heart-shattering if they end up lost or broken. Speaking from experience, I can assure you the worst feeling is rolling over and hearing the snap of your beloved sunglasses. 

Spring fashion isn’t only about what you physically wear. Makeup can play a drastic role in the transition from winter to spring. Winter is full of smokey eyeshadows and darker lip colors, while spring makeup focuses on dewy, glowing skin. One way to achieve this natural look is through the use of cream products. By applying a creme bronzer, blush and highlight, the skin will appear more dewy and the makeup will become less evident. Creme products are able to blend into the skin far easier than powder products and can be easily blended with a brush or your fingertips. If you tend to have drier skin and are a victim of makeup clinging onto those dry patches, creme is the perfect solution.  

It’s easy to forget about fashion during winter. All we want to do is protect ourselves from harsh winds and frostbitten hands, so sweatpants and sweatshirts are most peoples go-to. Now that warm weather is back, take out the storage boxes and pull out your favorite pieces. As costume designer Edith Head once said, “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”  

Thumbnail image courtesy of Guillaume M. on Unsplash

Jordana Castelli is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. She can be reached via email at jordana.castelli@uconn.edu.

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