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Michelle Alonso, mother of New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso, hides from the sun under an umbrella during the fifth inning of a spring training baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Wednesday.  Photo courtesy of Julio Cortez/AP

Michelle Alonso, mother of New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso, hides from the sun under an umbrella during the fifth inning of a spring training baseball game against the St. Louis Cardinals, Wednesday. Photo courtesy of Julio Cortez/AP

The culmination of March Madness is the Final Four, one of the most sought out sporting events of the year. It joins the likes of the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Finals and the World Cup Final in both its rarity of occurrence and attendance. So this raises the question, what is your ideal sporting event to attend? The DC Sports staff gives its takes on the matter. 

Sean Janos, Staff Writer 

I think the Daily Campus staff is expecting me to say this, but my dream is to go to a Masters Tournament. The Masters is one of, if not THE, most exclusive events in sports. It is personally my favorite golf event to watch every year and might just objectively be the very best one. Augusta National Golf Club, the perennial host of the Masters, is at the top of my bucket list for golf courses to see for its rich history and breathtaking majesty. The food is notoriously scrumptious, which is rare for a sporting event. Augusta’s concessions are famous for their pimento-cheese sandwich, and in my sports fantasy I am chowing down on one of those, sitting at Amen Corner, surrounded by those beautiful pink azaleas. 

Ashton Stansel,Campus Correspondent 

If I could go to any sporting event, I would probably go to the League of Legends World Championship. It’s without question one of the top three Esports events of the year, the other two being The International for Dota 2 and whichever Counter Strike major has the more interesting story in the final. While both of those are tempting, I’m unable to get past the sheer atmosphere of the Worlds Finals. Ideally, I would be watching Cloud9 or another North American team dominate, but no matter the teams, there is no sporting event that I would rather experience than that.   

Jorge Eckardt, Staff Writer 

There is no greater general sporting event in the world than attending a ballgame, so the best of the best is easily a World Series. To get specific: World Series, Game 7, Mets versus Yankees, in Queens. That’s right, I want to go to a winner-takes-all Subway Series, preferably at Citi Field. The Mets versus Yankees rivalry is one of the best in all of sports, and if you’ve ever been to a regular-season Subway Series, you know those are already a great time. Now imagine this time, instead of Mets and Yankees fans talking smack to each other on Twitter, they’re watching side-by-side in a 40,000+ capacity stadium, knowing one of them will go home heartbroken. I know fans got to experience this in 2000, but being one year old at the time, I’m not exactly able to remember it. It’s time for a rematch, and this time I think the Amazins take it.  

Jonathan Synott, Campus Correspondent 

In terms of excitement, I look no further than the Winter X Games. Taking all of the greatest events from the Winter Olympics and tacking on other extreme sports, this is the ultimate mixture of danger and skill. New world records for competition are set almost every year, so you are bound to witness history. To those who wonder why I didn’t just choose the Winter Olympics, I say that the overall vibe of the X Games surpasses that of the Olympics. While the latter has its rich history dating back thousands of years, the former is filled with the present and future. Also, you can see as many events as you want, unlike the Olympics. An entire weekend filled with Monster Energy drinks, double McTwists, and concerts headlined by Rae Sremmurd sounds like the overall worthwhile and more “rad” experience. 

Mike Mavredakis, Staff Writer 

Jorge hit the nail on the head with this one. Going to a baseball or softball game and getting to sink into the cold metal bleachers is an other-worldly experience. Your back hurts by the third inning, and your hand starts to hurt, but you can’t tell if it’s from the clapping or the spring chill coursing through your bones. Baseball is so peaceful sometimes, in part because of the downtime. It’s just you, a ball and 30 to 40 thousand of your friends. It’s the ultimate people-watching exercise. You can lock in on and player for the game, and seeing their movements will tell you a story. Whether it’s Dustin Pedroia’s famed pre-pitch jumps at second base or just the way teammates tell each other the outs through quirky dance moves — there’s a story. The characters involved are so different from the first pitch to the last, having dealt with the stress of striking out, dropping a key line drive or even trying to calm the ego boost that comes with hitting a home run in the previous at-bat. There are so many ebbs and flows and that’s what makes baseball great. There’s always a story if you just look for it. 

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