Gatekeeping In Global Health: 3rd annual Global Health Symposium


UConn will be hosting their 3rd annual Global Health Symposium on March 6th and March 7th.  @uconnglohsoc

UConn will be hosting their 3rd annual Global Health Symposium on March 6th and March 7th. @uconnglohsoc

Health care and access to it are universal concerns that UConn’s Global Health Spaces on Campus (GloHSOC) group seeks to address. As their group has grown since its establishment in 2018, they have been able to successfully organize two annual global health conferences, as well as a global health “Hackathon” last fall, all focused on different areas of interest within the field. This weekend will feature the organization’s third annual global health symposium, “VIP Access: Gatekeeping in Global Health.” 

“This year’s symposium … seeks to explore how political, environmental and socioeconomic disparities impact access to quality and affordable healthcare, both within the United States and across the globe,” Amisha Paul, a physiology and neurobiology and economics major, said in an email correspondence. She serves as Executive Director of GloHSOC.  

“I believe we will provide an opportunity for students to challenge themselves and gain a greater understanding of global health issues and the impact of one’s individual actions,” Paul said. 

The reception on Friday includes a keynote address by Rachel Bridges, the Global Health Communications Manager at the United Nations Foundation and former Public Affairs Advisor for the U.S. Agency for International Development. On Saturday, the symposium will consist of “exciting breakout sessions, an interactive simulation, a thought-provoking panel on access to healthcare in resource-limited settings” and research poster presentations, according to Paul and the agenda on the group’s website. Professor Cesar Abadia-Barrero from UConn’s Human Rights Institute and anthropology department will be providing the symposium’s second keynote address. 

“This symposium is open to all students,” Paul said, also mentioning that UConn faculty are also welcome. “Global Health is a field that affects all of our lives, regardless of what future personal or professional endeavors we pursue.” 

Students can pre-register for either or both days of the event on GloHSOC’s website to be able to receive a free lunch and a designated name tag, however, they may still attend if they are not able to pre-register. The reception this Friday, March 6, is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Dodd Center, while the full-day symposium on Saturday will be from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the Student Union. 

“Students are welcome to pop in and out to whichever sessions they are interested in, they are not required to stay for the entire duration [of] the event,” Paul said.  

She encourages students to check out the schedule of events on the symposium’s website, as well as GloHSOC’s social media accounts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to stay updated on the event. 

“GloHSOC was established in 2018 by a group of passionate undergraduates from many departments and schools at UConn, all united by a common goal to establish UConn as a global health center across the country,” Paul said. “We are open to any students interested in global health issues and change-making in the field of global health, regardless of their academic and/or professional interests.” 

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