How to celebrate your birthday in quarantine


Happy birthday! Although the current situation we are in is less than happy, it’s still important to celebrate another year of life and a future of boundless opportunity with your friends and family. This month in particular, many of my loved ones have birthdays, and they ideally would rather not be celebrating it at home. 

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For those that are not celebrating a birthday soon but, like me, have friends who are, I’ve been making handmade cards for those friends and a drink voucher for the future. Even a phone call would make their day. Make them the center of attention and feel special with technology and modes of communication that we are already using to keep in touch with each other. I heard a bunch of honking outside my window the other day. Another way to commemorate their birthday might be a safe social distance round of honking in front of their house.

Have a Zoom birthday party and invite as many people as you want. The sky’s the limit. Just think about it: no noise complaints, no clean-up and everyone can have a bev of their choice. You could even make some evites to your friends. If you want to invite as many people as possible, post an invite on your social media. Houseparty is another video calling app that you can use for your party. 

If you want to add some structure to your virtual party, you can have a workout class. Get your sweat on with a group of your friends; workout birthday classes were trending just a few weeks ago. Now, there’s an infinite amount of classes to take online. There are also online games that everyone can share on screen for such as skribbl. Or, whip out the whiteboard and play some hangman. 

Netflix Party is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to watch the streaming service at the same time with your friends and chat as well. Netflix has come out with a ton of new movies and shows, so there are endless possibilities when it comes to deciding on what to watch. Ultimately, it’s your birthday, so you get to decide. So you can tell your cool cats and kittens to calm down.

What’s a true party without some music? Many artists are having live streams so why not find your favorite artist and tune in with your friends. I feel like you always feel your best when you dress your best, so put on a little something-something and dance the night away virtually. Again, it’s your birthday, so if you want to feel comfy, I’m not judging you if you’re kicking it back in sweats or pajamas.

Bake your own birthday cake this year or support local businesses.  Photo by     Suzy Hazelwood     from     Pexels

Bake your own birthday cake this year or support local businesses. Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

The best part of a birthday is the food, in my personal opinion. You could treat yourself to take-out from a local business and do some good to support them as well. If you’re slowly getting into baking and cooking like me or you’re an expert, make yourself something yummy. Go big and make yourself a birthday cake. It might even taste that much better because you put in the effort to make it. 

Earth Day is coming up this month, so why not commemorate your birthday by planting something of your choice as well? That plant will be nurtured and growing, just like you.

Again, best of wishes and a happy birthday to everyone in the coming days and weeks. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating your special day. 

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