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There are a variety of free and fun online multiplayer games that you can play with friends.  Photo by    Caspar Camille Rubin    on    Unsplash

There are a variety of free and fun online multiplayer games that you can play with friends. Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin on Unsplash

It’s likely that you and your friends miss hanging out with each other and, at this point, it’s likely that iMessage games aren’t cutting it anymore. Thankfully, there’s a variety of free, online multiplayer games you can access right from your browser. 


There’s quite a few sites that let you play Pictionary with your friends online. and seem to be the most popular ones. Both games allow you to set a username and customize your avatar without explicitly needing to create an account to play. You can create a private room and share the link with your friends so they can join your game, or you can join a public game. 

Like a normal game of Pictionary, players choose a word to draw when it’s their turn and the group tries to guess the word individually in the text chat. Players have 80 seconds to guess and once they guess it correctly, they are awarded points based on how quickly they were able to guess the correct word. Each round ends after every player has drawn once. After a few rounds, the game ends and the player with the most points is the winner. 

Cards Against Humanity 

If you miss playing this vulgar card game with your friends at parties, there are online versions for it, too. allows up to six players and relies on basic click-and-drag gameplay where players drag the white cards to their hands and click to flip them over once they’re placed in the main play area. Once you create a room, you can share the link with your friends so they can join you. It’s pretty simple software and it’s quick to get started. The downsides are that you can see what other players are doing and it only includes the base cards from Cards Against Humanity, no expansions.

If you want access to the expansions, Pretend You’re Xyzzy is a fantastic Cards Against Humanity clone that allows you to have as many players as you want in a game. You can set your nickname, click “go” and create a new game in the top left corner of the webapp. From here, you can activate up to 41 “card sets,” or expansions, and set the score limit, player limit and spectator limit. You can also set a password so only your friends can join. While it’s not the most appealing user interface, it’s simple enough that all you need to do is click which white cards you want to play. There is a text chat, but this game is a lot more fun if you’re already in some kind of voice call with your friends.

Town of Salem 

If you’ve played Mafia before, then you’ll understand the basic rules of Town of Salem. This browser-based game supports between seven to 15 players, and you need to make an account to play. You can enjoy this game as a single player in online lobbies, but it’s also possible to create your own lobby with just your friends, as long as you have a big enough group. Otherwise, you can queue together into an online game and still play with each other.  

The way the game works is that players are randomly assigned their role, so it’s a different experience each time. Allowing up to 49 different roles, the game follows the same plot in which the town members are trying to root out the mafia and eliminate them. There are also different game modes that restrict how many roles are available, so you can play a game with the classic number of roles. However, there are a wide variety of town, mafia and neutral roles that change gameplay. 

Gameplay is simple; during the day, town members discuss who they might suspect of being evil and at night, each player conducts an action that is specific to their role to further the game. The next day, people argue in the text chat over who should be executed and who might be confirmed to be a threat. It’s a game that’s fun whether you play it alone or with friends, although the large number of roles and extra information may take some time to learn.

Board Game Online

Board Game Online is a very straightforward and humorous game where players race to get to the finish line. The game presents players with different choices and may grant them items along the way to help set back their friends. The goal is to get to space 250, and there are plenty of randomly-generated scenarios that may set you back a few spaces or push you ahead of your friends. It’s a really simple and slightly chaotic game that is sure to bring a few laughs along.

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