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Do you often fall victim to feeling like you have nothing to wear, even with a full closet in front of you? Do you only pick outfits at the last minute as you’re rushing to your 8 a.m.? Or are you — as Cher from the movie “Clueless” likes to call it — a “fashion victim” or “ensembly challenged?” If you answered yes to any of these, here’s the app for you: Combyne. 

Many wardrobe or fashion apps on the App Store claim to help sort, categorize and create outfits for you to wear to help maximize outfit inspiration as well as avoiding wearing the same outfit repeatedly. 

However, a lot of apps out there have obnoxious complications: Costly subscriptions, horrible bugs or even requiring you to upload photos of every single article of clothing you own. If you’re anything like me, I know that my closet can be huge at times and I definitely don’t have time for that. 

Although this app emerged in 2014, I still wanted to give it a whirl to see if it was worth it or not. Allegedly, it works exactly like Cher’s computer wardrobe with a social media aspect weaved into it as well.

As promised, the main “create” screen does just that. Each piece of a laid-out outfit is interchangeable by scrolling through what is called your “wardrobe.” Your wardrobe is categorized by tops, bottoms, bags, shoes and accessories. 

In your wardrobe, you not only have the option to upload photos of your own clothes but you also can scroll through the community’s wardrobe, where you can find pieces that either look like ones you already own or “wish list” items you’re thinking about buying. 

Here, the pieces you use from other followers are also linked so you can see where they bought them from and how much they cost. 

Similar to Instagram, Combyne also has a social media aspect, where each outfit you create is posted onto a timeline where followers can like, comment or repost your content. There is also a direct message feature. 

Under a “challenges” tab, your followers and influencers challenge others to create outfits based on a situation, aesthetic or by color.

Combyne allow users to custom make their outfits.  Photo via    @combyneapp

Combyne allow users to custom make their outfits. Photo via @combyneapp

While using this app, I found its software pretty sound as I rarely encountered any bugs or glitches, but its usability was a bit tough to grasp. In the create tab, I’m still figuring out the difference between “saving” a piece into your wardrobe versus “adding” a piece into your wardrobe. Multiple times I would “add” a piece of clothing I found, wanting to incorporate it into an outfit and not being able to find it in the create tab. 

I also found it hard to discover new creators that I wanted to follow, as there is no discovery page like Instagram has. I am only able to find new creators from a “popular” or “recently trending” page. I would like to see a sort of discovery page which recognizes what styles I’m into from my created outfits that are tailored and matched with others that have the same style. 

Other outfit-creating apps have calendar features that tell you what day to wear an outfit based on the weather and how many times you’ve repeated that look. I think this would be a great feature to implement in future updates.

Although Combyne has a few flaws, it’s a great way to aid you in your outfit creations. Now, are you still going to wait until the last minute to create outfits? “As if!” 

Thumbnail Photo by Junko Nakase on Unsplash

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