UConn Will Offer a Two-Week Move Out Window In June


The University of Connecticut will begin an extended move out process for students on June 1 until June 14, according to an email from UConn ResLife.

“The University is committed to ensuring [student’s] safety by spreading move out over two weeks to reduce the number of people in a building at one time.  Social distancing guidelines will be followed.” the email said.

File photo/The Daily Campus

File photo/The Daily Campus

In order to move out, UConn students must log in to MyHousing and select a date and a time within the two week timeframe to move out.  Upon arrival during the allotted time, students’ cards will be able to access their residence halls, and they should remove all belongings from their rooms and return their room keys to the location indicated by each hall’s respective Hall Director.  After leaving, the process can be finished by completing Express Checkout on MyHousing.

ResLife has outlined guidelines regarding return to campus.

“Be prepared to follow social distancing guidelines with fellow students, families, and staff while in your hall and on campus; You must wear a mask on campus; Each student is permitted to have one support person to assist with move out and can only have one vehicle by the residence hall at one time; Bring a handcart if possible to assist with moving out as these are not provided; and if you have a bicycle or scooter on campus, please bring it home with you.”

If a student is unable to move out within the two week period, there are two options.  Students may designate another person to pick up the contents of their room, and must request this at ResLife-Communications@uconn.edu.  If this is also impossible, students may email ResLife and have their room contents packed up and stored in a warehouse until pickup later.

If students have already moved out and do not need to return to your room, ResLife asked students to email them to let them know.

Information on Rec Center locker content retrieval can be found at recreation.uconn.edu.

For any other questions, students should direct them to the ResLife email, or check the FAQ sheet on reslife.uconn.edu/covid-19-faq.

Sam Zelin is a campus correspondent for The Daily Campus. He can be reached via email at sam.zelin@uconn.edu.

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