UConn faces largest projected budget deficit in history


University of Connecticut President Thomas Katsouleas told faculty and staff in an email that the university has faced $30 million in losses this past spring semester, and best-case scenario will face an additional $47 million in loss this upcoming fall. 

In the email, Katsouleas said he does not see a path that could “avoid long term harm, protect this generation of students, and the UConn family.” 

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“Unfortunately, there are simply not nearly enough cost savings measures at our disposal to replace that kind of loss,” Katsouleas said. “And cutting our way out of this deficit would be devastating to programs across the campuses, our students, and our workforce.” 

As a result of this, Katsouleas told staff beginning in July and continuing through fiscal year 2021, “most non-union managers will be furloughed without pay for the equivalent of one day a month,” creating a pay reduction of 5% annually. Katsouleas and others in senior leadership roles will take the equivalent of two furloughed without pay days a month, cutting pay 10% annually. 

The university had also budgeted for merit pay increases for non-unionized managers, which has been canceled according to Katsouleas. 

After the budget office layed out the options to try and close the over $50 million budget gap for next year, Katsouleas said they met with union leadership to share the university’s financial situation and ask for assistance. 

“Management at UConn, including me, will be making the same accommodations that we have asked of the rest of our workforce, or more,” Katsouleas said.

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