Daddy Finally Came: Storrs Center Daddy’s Noodles Bar finally opens

The line for the grand opening of Daddy’s Noodle Bar in Storrs Center extended onto the sidewalk on Sunday, Aug. 30. Photo by Maggie Chafouleas/The Daily Campus.

After over two years of a “coming soon” poster in its window, Daddy’s Noodle Bar in Storrs Center finally opened for business Friday. 

The noodle shop, located in Suite 103 of Storrs Center, is the second Daddy’s Noodle Bar location in Connecticut. General Manager Peter Tran also runs the East Lyme location. 

“We really liked the Storrs location and felt that it was a good opportunity to provide something different in the area,” Tran said. “Most of these meals take days to prepare, but once they are prepared, they are quick, hearty meals for customers to grab and enjoy.” 

Work on the Storrs Center location began in early 2018, but quickly came to an abrupt halt after receiving a stop work order from the town of Mansfield. Daddy’s Noodle Bar owner Anh Duong told The Daily Campus in April of 2018 that the order was given to the restaurant because of electrical work being done without proper permits. Tran said they wanted to make sure all electrical and ventilation work was done properly, especially because of the restaurant’s close proximity to The Oaks on the Square. 

“To have an efficient restaurant, hood venting systems are needed to ventilate the food aromas when cooking and it was difficult to find a way to safely install these systems with the building’s approval,” Tran said. “We thought that this was very important, being as students live above the restaurant. We want to ensure that the students do not have to have the smell rising all the way to their living space all the time.” 

Finally overcoming the maintenance obstacle, Tran and his team ran into another hurdle: COVID-19. Tran called the coronavirus an “unavoidable setback” but said any restaurant or business opening at this time is in the same boat. 

The menu will be identical to that of the East Lyme location, featuring ramen, pho and specialty noodle bowls. The Storrs location will also offer Banh Mi, a Vietnamese bread, Tran said. 

Daddy’s Noodle Bar is currently open 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., but that closing time may be extended if students want a “hearty meal” after a long day of studying, Tran said. 

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