UConn, area health officials quarantine Oaks on the Square students

A calm afternoon at The Oaks on the Square apartments. Currently, students living in The Oaks on the Square are being asked to quarantine by UConn and Eastern Highland Health District officials. Photo by Natalia Pylypyszyn/The Daily Campus

University of Connecticut students living in The Oaks on the Square apartments have been asked to quarantine by UConn and Eastern Highland Health District officials.  

According to a joint statement released Friday from UConn, the Town of Mansfield and the Eastern Highland Health District, students living in the off-campus apartment complex should quarantine for at least 14 days.  

“As of Friday, student residents of The Oaks accounted for a notable number of the positive COVID-19 tests conducted on off-campus students,” the statement said. “Those cases generally comprise roommate groups in which one person contracted the virus and passed it to other close contacts. Those with positive tests already were required to isolate and must be medically cleared before they can return to in-person classes or campus activities.”  

Students in quarantine will now have to take any in-person classes in an online format until the 14 days expires and Student Health and Wellness releases the student from quarantine.  

“You are permitted to leave your apartment for solitary activity or to obtain groceries or take-out,” Robert Miller, EHHD Director and Ellyssa Eror, Student Health and Wellness Director wrote in a letter to Oaks students. “Masks or face coverings must be worn and physical distancing observed at all times when not in your quarantine space.”  

A serene night at The Oaks on the Square Apartment buildings. Some students are upset about the lack of communication from the Oaks regarding the current COVID-19 situation. Photo by Tyler Benton/Daily Campus

Seventh-semester economics and political science major Danielle Macuil lives in The Oaks and is frustrated with communication between The Oaks and student residents as she and her roommates have gotten most of their information from news sources.  

“It’s very frustrating that UConn didn’t make a clear announcement … also the Oaks hasn’t sent an announcement yet about it and I wish they would so it was official and in writing,” Macuil said. “A lot of people I know in the Oaks have tested positive, but I don’t actually know if that warrants the medical quarantine. There might just be a lot of cases in two buildings. It’s fine that we’re quarantined, I just wish we had the data on the number of cases to justify it.”  

As of Saturday, UConn has reported (covid-dashboard) a 1.64% positivity rate for off-campus students and a 0.64% positivity rate for residential students.  

Non-students living in the apartment complex are not being asked to quarantine as students are primarily those testing positive.  

The coronavirus cases in Mansfield are concentrated mostly in and around UConn, according to Mansfield Mayor Toni Moran.  

“I would like to thank the University for their cooperation in this matter, and to reassure members of the Mansfield community that transmission of the virus does not appear to be expanding into the greater Mansfield community,” Moran said.  

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