Roundtable: Renaming the Washington Football Team


After facing years of ridicule from fans and bystanders, the team formerly known as the Washington Redskins has finally undergone a brand change. But with months to prepare hampered by a few copyright infringements, the best the organization could come up with as a placeholder was the Washington Football Team. Sitting atop the NFC East through Week 1, the sports section will offer our opinions on alternate team names fitting for the undefeated Football Team. This one should be interesting. 

Evan Rodriguez, Campus Correspondent 

The Washington Football Team lies in perhaps the most political area of the United States, so how fitting would it be to keep the name of the Washington Football Team as political as the ground it sits on by renaming them the Washington Senators. While the Senators name has been used in the past, there is no better time to bring it back as the team could go wild with the name and its storied history in the area.  With the hockey team being named the Washington Capitals and the baseball team being named the Washington Nationals, the football team should look for a name that keeps a political relevance. Besides, anything is better than the Washington Football Team, right? 

Danny Barletta, Sports Editor 

While I am a big fan of the nostalgia that the Washington Senators nickname brings, I’m not sure how it would work with the burgundy-and-gold brand that is among the most unique and best looking in sports. That is why I think the easy fix is the Washington Redhawks. About three years ago, there was a fake rumor going around that Washington had finally changed its offensive nickname to the Redhawks, and the internet went crazy, creating art and logos for the nonexistent team. (Here’s a link to probably the best one.) So when the Washington Redskins finally decided to ditch their name this year, I thought for sure the Redhawks would be the replacement. Literally nothing else about the franchise would have to change. The colors still work, the name still flows and you even still have the word red in there, but in a non-offensive way. But of course, they had to overthink it and now we’re stuck with the Washington Football Team, which is just stupid. But hey, at least they’re 1-0. 

Tim Keaten, Campus Correspondent 

When you think about the landscape of Washington D.C., one image tends to come to mind. The Washington Monument looming over the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting pool is an iconic sight in the American capital. I think the best way to avoid any political debates surrounding the name of the city’s football team is to name them after a monument that every person can relate to. This is why I think the best and only choice for the new name of the Washington D.C. football team is the Washington Washington Monuments. The monument serves as a simple, yet impactful design for new branding and logos for the team. There would be no need to change the color scheme of the uniforms, the white lines on the helmets could be peaked at the end to look like the monument, and you even have an opportunity to have a unique “one” on your jerseys for player numbers. The Washington Washington Monuments just makes sense.  

Ben Berg, Campus Correspondent  

The Washington Football Team was given decades to come up with a name that was not a racial slur… and they couldn’t do it. That’s why I think this team deserves to be stuck in branding limbo. I hope the fans in Washington buy enough Chase Young jerseys this year to financially force ownership to keep the Washington Football Team brand intact. And honestly, I kind of love the Football Team name, especially ‘cause I’m not a Washington fan. It’s just so funny to me that despite thousands of expertly crafted fan-made designs floating around online, ownership just couldn’t move on from the ‘Redskins’ name. Dan Snyder and co. made this bed and now it’s time for them to lay in it.  

Washington Football Team owner Dan Snyder, center, watches from owner’s box the second half of an NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles, Sunday, Sept. 13, 2020, in Landover, Md. The Washington Football Team has yet to come up with a replacement name. Photo by Alex Brandon/AP

Cole Stefan, Campus Correspondent 

I have spent hours thinking about what the Washington Football Team should rename themselves. Ideally, the best direction the franchise could take is to incorporate a team name with the color red in it because of the burgundy and yellow patterns on the jerseys, but I wanted to go a different direction. Within the D.C. area, there is the Pentagon, the home of the United States Department of Defense. In addition to the military aspect of Washington D.C., the Washington Football Team should also focus on their past successes, such as the Hogs Offensive Line of the ‘80s and ‘90s that led the team to their three Super Bowl victories. If and when the Washington Football Team does rebrand, they should be named the Washington Fighting Hogs, a combination of the U.S. military and football. Just for clarification, the team would still keep their burgundy and yellow colors, but their white away jerseys should be called the “Pork Chops” and their burgundy home jerseys should be called the “Bacon Infantry” If needed, they can have an alternate yellow jersey called “Wham and Cheese”. The Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles can only tremble upon hearing this name. 

Ashton Stansel, Staff Writer 

Looking at the many different name ideas for the Washington Football Team, I can see that the general public has had a lot of suggestions. While I do think it’d be pretty funny for them to keep the Washington Football Team as their name, I find that I prefer the Washington Senators as a name.  It serves as an homage to their location and to the fact that, like the Washington Football Team’s owners, Congress has repeatedly clung to outdated, offensive ideals and had absolutely no backup plan for what to do when they were finally forced to change things.  The Washington Football Team’s owners must have known that they’d someday have to change their offensive name, but they still had no backup plan, and so I think the Washington Senators is the perfect name.  

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